Egg Recipes: Delicious Ways to Feed Your Family with Eggs

A collection of 15 easy egg recipes. These budget-friendly meals are perfect whether you’re cooking for a family or living alone. Eggs can be your go-to ingredient.

Did you know eggs are a great, nutrient dense food for kids, pregnant women and families? Here are 15 ways to feed your family with eggs!

15 ways to feed your family with eggs

If I had to select one food that offers excellent nutrition for families while being incredibly versatile, budget-friendly, and delicious, it would unquestionably be the humble egg! With our easy egg recipes, you will discover the many ways eggs can be cooked.

Eggs are not only a nutritious food but also extremely adaptable. In our house, frittatas and quiches are favorites because they work for virtually any meal and are straightforward to serve when entertaining.

An interesting fact is that eggs are among the richest sources of a nutrient called choline, which plays a crucial role during pregnancy and promotes healthy brain development in babies. Unless you’re fond of cooking chicken or beef livers, our easy egg recipes provide a simple way to get enough choline in your diet!

Do we need more reasons to incorporate eggs into our weekly meal plan? Here are my top 15 easy egg recipes to feed a family with eggs.

first foods

For babies and toddlers, eggs are an excellent first food as they are packed with nutrients that contribute to healthy growth and brain development.

Wondering when you should start giving eggs to your baby? Australian guidelines recommend introducing whole cooked eggs into your child’s diet at around 6 months. Introducing eggs early helps children develop a tolerance to eggs and may reduce the chance of developing an allergy.

The best way to start introducing eggs is with small amounts of well-cooked eggs, such as 1/4 teaspoon mixed in with usual foods. Once introduced, continue to include eggs regularly (at least twice a week, as part of a balanced diet, to maintain tolerance.

For lots more tips on eggs as a first food, check out the Australian Eggs guide to first foods here.

Image courtesy of Australian Eggs


banana pancakes

Add a banana to a traditional pancake recipe for extra nutrition in this tasty breakfast that is always a hit with kids! Find my Banana Pancakes recipe here

babies and toddlers vegetable egg mash

Perfect for toddlers aged 9 to 12 months, this Babies & Toddlers Vegetable Egg Mash is packed with nutrition and taste, making it a fantastic first food.

Fried eggs with spiced avocado

Eggs and avocado make a delicious and super nutritious breakfast. Adding some spice gives this Fried Eggs with Spiced Avocado recipe a favourite. 



Having a container of boiled eggs in the fridge is a fantastic go-to for snacks on the run, to add to a salad or mash with mayo on a sandwich. I often boil some eggs on a Sunday to use during the week.

Cheese and bacon mini quiches

These Cheese and Bacon Mini Quiches are perfect to make for parties or when you have friends over for morning tea or lunch. They are really easy to make and fuss free. 


When I think of a muffin, I usually think of the sweet variety, however, these Pumpkin, Feta and Spinach savoury muffins are a great lunchtime hunger buster which are filled with vegetables and can be served with a side of salad.

air fryer mini egg and mince parcels

On those weekends when the kids have friends over, these Air Fryer Mini Egg and Mince Parcels are a fun and tasty lunch to fill everyone up! They are also great in lunchboxes served cold.


crumbed fish and yoghurt

If you have a little more time on a weekend, Crumbed Fish and Yoghurt is a great lunch choice for kids of all ages. Serve with salad and yoghurt dressing.

Zucchini and Vegetable slice

This Zucchini and Vegetable Slice is the perfect freezer food. It can be served up as lunch, put in the lunchbox for work or school, dished up as an easy dinner or even doubles as a snack for unexpected visitors.

Chicken Fried rice with sliced egg omelette

Make your fried rice a main meal by adding chicken breast. This Chicken Fried Rice with Sliced Egg Omelette is a wonderfully delicious recipe packed with nutrition.


sweet potato and chicken pie

Not only is this colourful Sweet Potato and Chicken Pie delicious and full of nutrition, but it also looks amazing! Serve this pie with salsa for grown ups and older kids, and cut into cubes for toddlers and babies.

mexican sweet potato family hash brown

For a quick mid-week meal, this Mexican Sweet Potato Family Hash Brown dish is super nutritious and easy to prepare. 

turkey, broccoli and quinoa burgers

Burgers are always a popular dinner option, and these Turkey, Broccoli and Quinoa Burgers are a healthy way to serve a family favourite.


easy mini almond pancakes

For a sweet treat for little ones after dinner (or any other time!), these Easy Mini Almond Pancakes are super yummy, especially topped with the fruity topping.


I think one of my favourite desserts is Pavlova! This light meringue dessert is topped with whipped cream and fresh fruits, making it a crowd pleaser at any time of the year.

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