Blueberry Muffins – Freezer friendly

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife


Blueberry Muffins – Freezeable

  • Author: Kat
  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Cook Time: 15 mins
  • Total Time: 25 minutes
  • Yield: 12 1x


  • 2 cups SR Flour
  • 3/4 cups brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 1 cup blueberries (frozen or fresh)


  1. Place SR Flour and brown sugar into bowl, mix to combine
  2. Add, oil, egg, milk and vanilla, stir
  3. Gently fold in blueberry muffins
  4. Spoon into patty lined muffin tin
  5. Bake in 180C oven for 12-15 min


I used my Kitchenaid to mix this, however bowl and spoon is fine.

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The Organised Housewife on Facebook January 17, 2012 - 11:44 AM

Fresh Blueberries are on sale this week at woolworths 🙂

Monica Braiding on Facebook January 17, 2012 - 11:46 AM

Thank you

Katie Pyle on Facebook January 17, 2012 - 11:48 AM

Yum! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Ria Kershaw on Facebook January 17, 2012 - 11:50 AM

Thank you so much will try this week <3 Handmade By Grandma <3

Ann Burns on Facebook January 17, 2012 - 12:05 PM

You inspired me…just mixed up a batch…yum!

Renee Baker on Facebook January 17, 2012 - 12:08 PM

Could I substitute. Mixed berries on this recipie?

Stacey Berghofer Zink on Facebook January 17, 2012 - 12:23 PM

i have all the ingredients bar the blueberries dam it oh well get them tonight when im am shopping and will make a whole heap tomorrow

Rachel Moynihan Beecham on Facebook January 17, 2012 - 1:00 PM

Chopped apple and half teaspoon of cinnamon is a yummy option

Little Tummy Tucker on Facebook January 17, 2012 - 1:23 PM

We love the ‘muffin in the freezer’ idea… Better than the muffin top I seem to have found over christmas.

Kristy Waddell on Facebook January 17, 2012 - 1:52 PM

Yes blueberries are cheap, just made a batch!

Jade Burke on Facebook January 17, 2012 - 3:12 PM

Hve made a few different recipes, so far the only ones that were nice were Donna Hays recipe, but am gonna try this too.

Rachelle Rogers on Facebook January 17, 2012 - 3:12 PM

Thank you for posting the recipe. Going to make some now for my girls! Got blueberries today!

Kylie Jansen on Facebook January 17, 2012 - 3:15 PM

Do they freeze ok going straight into a Tupperware or do they need to be cling wrapped first?

Carly O'Neill on Facebook January 17, 2012 - 4:01 PM

If anyone want REALLY fresh blueberries and a chance to get the kids out of the house for the morning, try at Hampton, (between Toowoomba and Crowsnest), you can pick your own for $10/kg and they are the freshest and juiciest I have ever tasted!!!

Regina Stone on Facebook January 17, 2012 - 4:05 PM

oh damn wish I had of seen this earlier we were just at geham for 4 days looking for something to fill in our time during the day the kids would have loved doing that.

Carly O'Neill on Facebook January 17, 2012 - 4:27 PM

It was so much fun Regina. I’m sure we ate more than we picked, we all drove home looking like blue tonged lizards, and have now mastered many blueberry recipes, we came home with 2 kgs!

Rachelle Rogers on Facebook January 17, 2012 - 4:33 PM

Made these this afternoon and girls love them. Very quick n easy to do. Thanks again for sharing. Xx

Claire January 17, 2012 - 5:00 PM

Mmm… yummy! Just made these with raspberries instead. I made 16 mini muffins for the freezer for school lunches next week plus 6 large muffins for enjoying now! The larger muffins have some white choc chips on top too 🙂 Thanks for sharing Katrina 🙂

Emma Rowe January 18, 2012 - 6:58 AM

This is the muffin recipe that I use also – except I use double the milk or half cup yoghurt & 1/2 cup water – they are fool proof and soooo yummy! The cup of blueberries can be interchanged with a cup of anything. Just like Claire, I made some yesterday with raspberries and white choc.

Cara Devaney January 18, 2012 - 7:31 AM

Perfect, just what I was looking for to make muffins for a beach picnic! Thank you and thank you for the link to Frost Bite, what a great website it is. Between the two of you I have no excuse not to be Mrs Organised!

Claire @ Claire K Creations January 20, 2012 - 6:04 AM

I’m not a big blueberry eater but I love blueberry muffins. They look like a great treat to grab as you’re about to heat out the door.

Jane_J_1987 March 24, 2012 - 3:50 PM

Awesome recipe, They look so yummy. Thanks for sharing!

Here is another nice recipe which kids will enjoy making.


Karla Thompson February 22, 2013 - 4:11 PM

I just made these, threw in some white choc chips too as I had them hanging around, absolutely delish, into the freezer they go (minus two that I ate) as baby #2 due in a few short weeks. Saved to Pinterest so I can recall where I found the recipe 🙂

Lisa September 14, 2013 - 6:15 PM

Thanks for sharing! Will be making these soon! 🙂

Lisa September 16, 2013 - 4:54 PM

I’ve now made these muffins and WOW! They were so quick to whip up and were absolutely delicious. They are so moist and fluffy inside! I’m so glad to have found this recipe after making a different recipe I came across the other day which turned out stodgy and bland..ugh! These will definitely be made again and again in this house. Thanks again!

Katrina September 21, 2013 - 9:10 AM

Hope you love them!

Nikki January 18, 2016 - 8:30 AM

Yum! wondering if i could use 1 cup of SR flur & 1 cup of wholemeal flour??

Katrina - The Organised Housewife January 19, 2016 - 12:36 PM

Absolutely Nikki, that would be a healthy twist to it 😉

Alison June 28, 2018 - 2:02 PM

Thanks for the recipe – like how quick and easy. I made with wholemeal SR flour – so the dough was very stiff and they are probably a little more dense but still yummy. Would I just increase the oil and/or milk for lighter? Or perhaps Nikki’s suggestion above…


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