30+ Anzac Biscuit Recipes

A collection of various Anzac Biscuit recipes for Anzac Day which the family will love. 

Anzac Day is on Monday so wanted to put together a collection of Anzac Biscuit recipes, along with  some delicious slice variations, which I hope you will enjoy. I’ve also included a list of Thermomix Anzac recipes below too.

About the Anzac Biscuit

From Australian War Memorial website: The army biscuit, also known as an Anzac wafer or Anzac tile, is essentially a long shelf-life, hard tack biscuit, eaten as a substitute for bread. Unlike bread, though, the biscuits are very, very hard. Some soldiers preferred to grind them up and eat as porridge.  Father John Fahey, a Catholic padre serving on Gallipoli, was unimpressed with army biscuits. He wrote, “the man who invented the army biscuit was an unmitigated rascal. As an eatable there is little to choose between it and a seasoned jarrah board.”

The popular Anzac biscuit is a traditional, eggless sweet biscuit. Ingredients include rolled oats, sugar, plain flour, coconut, butter, golden syrup or treacle, bi-carbonate of soda and boiling water.

Anzac Biscuit Recipes

Anzac Biscuits – a traditional recipe from Donna Hay.

Find the Donna Hay Anzac Biscuit recipe here

anzac_biscuits donna hay

Healthy Anzacs – A healthy alternative to the traditional Anzac Biscuit with medjool dates and coconut oil.

Find this Healthy Anzacs Wholefood Simply recipe here. 


Nan’s Anzac Biscuits – This is my Nan’s Anzac biscuit recipe that she passed down to me. They are soft, delicious and “old-school!”

Find my Nan’s Anzac Biscuit recipe here. 

My Nan's Anzac Biscuit Recipe which she handed down to me, adjust your cooking time depending on how you like your biscuit, hard or chewy!

Anzac Biscuits– Anzac biscuits were originally baked to send to our soldiers in World War One. They had to pack well and keep during the long voyage to the front line so were made without eggs and butter. They were packed in tins or billy tins to keep them airtight. Anzac biscuits are still a popular biscuit, made with rolled oats and golden syrup. We enjoy them throughout the year. Our version does include some butter. 

Find Spoonful of Sugar Anzac Biscuit recipe here. 


Classic Anzac Biscuits– Another traditional classic Anzac Biscuit. 

Find Bake Play Smile Classic Anzac Biscuit recipe here. 


Gluten Free Anzac Biscuits – The perfect cookie for gluten free diets that will satisfy that sweet cookie craving – it’s hard to stop at one! The almonds are packed with protein and add a touch of sweetness. I’ve added macadamia nut oil which gives a delicious buttery flavour to the whole biscuit and marries perfectly with honey and coconut. 

Find Healthy Chef Gluten Free Anzac Biscuits.


Really Healthy Anzac Biccies – A super-healthy version of everyone’s favourite Australian biscuit.

Find Natural New Age Mum’s Really Healthy Anzac Biccies recipe here.


Vegan Anzac Biscuits – The coconut oil makes the biscuits crispy on the outside but they’re still soft in the middle. While desiccated coconut is more traditional, I prefer the texture that the shredded coconut lends to the biscuit.

Find Quirky Cooking Vegan Anzac Biscuits recipe here, with a fork and a thermomix version.

vegan anzac biscuit recipe

Anzac Slice Recipes

Anzac Slice – Anzac Slice, perfect for lunch boxes, and super perfect if you just don’t have the time to roll and flatten individual biscuit balls!

Find the Childhood 101 Anzac Recipe here. 


Anzac Slice – This recipe is a little different to the Anzac Biscuit recipe, I make sure there is enough delicious mixture to fill the slice tin, but it still creates a chewy and delicious ‘biscuit’ slice.

Find Create Bake Make Anzac Slice recipe here. 


Anzac Caramel Slice – A traditional Anzac slice with a delicious added flavour of caramel.  

Find Donna Hay Anzac Caramel Slice recipe here. 


Anzac Slice – A classic Anzac Slice.

Find Bake Play Smile Anzac Slice recipe here. 


Anzac Bar Slice – A nice and firm slice without being too crunchy.

Image found via Paging Fun Mums

Find the original recipe from Taste here. 

Anzac-Slice (1)

Chocolate Chip Anzac Slice – This is an Anzac slice recipe with choc-chips.

Find Fat Mum Slim Chocolate Chip Anzac Slice


Anzac Cakes and More Recipes

Anzac Scones – These scones are a little dense, which is due to adding Anzac biscuit flavours through them, which basically are Anzac biscuit ingredients. That’s what makes these cookies taste like Anzac biscuit scones.

Find Bellyrumbles Anzac Scones recipe here. 


Anzac Banoffee Pie – This impressive looking and great tasting Banoffee Pie is made with a yummy Anzac biscuit base, gooey caramel filling and topped with cream and fresh banana.

Find the Coles Anzac Banoffee Pie recipe here.


Anzac Biscuit Granola  – All of the goodness of oatmeal and the crunch and flavour of the classic Anzac biscuit with a slight twist-it’s in granola form! Perfect for breakfast or as a snack, the coconut, golden syrup and macadamias make this one of the most delicious granolas ever. 

Find Not Quite Nigella Anzac Biscuit Granola recipe here. anzac-biscuit-granola-recipe

Thermomix Anzac Biscuit Recipes

I make our Anzac biscuits in the thermomix now, using the recipe from the Thermomix Everyday Cookbook, it’s so fast and trouble-free with no waiting and stirring over the stove top.  I’ve found a few more Anzac recipes that you can make in the thermomix.

thermomix anzac slice

Does your family have a favourite Anzac recipe?

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