Summary of Moving Home Series + We have moved notifications

I’ll be ending the moving home and garage sale series here, I hope all the tips & ideas have helped many of you to organise & plan your next move and garage sale.

I’ve listed a summary of the post through the series below.  Plus one last printable perfect to finish with.

Moving Home Checklist and how to Pack Tips

How to declutter when moving

Deciding to sell or donate your clutter

How to organise a successful garage sale

Plus today’s cute ‘we have moved’ card printable to notify all your friends and family that you have moved.  This is an editable printable allowing you to type your own text.

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MarcioWilges October 20, 2015 - 6:40 PM

Thanks for helping us to organize all the tips and guidelines shared here so far. They have indeed helped us a lot in better planning prior to our move. I for one have benefited in terms of organizing, de-cluttering, and even with the removal process of our belongings. Thank you once again to all members who have contributed since the very beginning of the series.


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