Reward Charts

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Today is the first day back to school here in QLD.  My kids have been back into routine this past week, with having to keep a clean room, read before bed and early nights.  They have stuck to it quite well, except for one of my chickadees Miss 7  just can’t keep a tidy room.  So I was thrilled when I received these reward charts from Raegan (one of this months sponsors) from A Little Bit of Cheek.

In the past I have used many different types of reward charts, all failing in one way or another.  My kids were so excited to see these new and funky charts on our fridge. They are pretty cool aren’t they!  I know some may not like the skull’s but my son is going through this phase at the moment, so we love it.  The design really suits our age group.  There are other designs to choose from see HERE. 

The charts are magnetic, sticking quite easily to the fridge.  I love they are in a central area, easy for me to see and encourage the kids to continue good behaviour to receive a new behaviour magnet.  The behaviour magnets that come with the chart include:

  • Clean room
  • gold star
  • good attitude
  • good listening
  • great at school
  • great job
  • homework done
  • kindness
  • lovely manners
  • obedience
  • patience
  • self control

This will work really well with the routine charts I have set in place, giving them a magnet when complete, either a gold star or great job for overall routine achievement or clean room for a specific task well done.

How I am using the chart (kids place their own magnets giving them gratification), let’s use kindness as an example:

  1. I notice they were kind to their sibling
  2. Receive a magnet for kindness
  3. I notice they hurt or said nasties to their sibling
  4. I ask them to remove the kindness magnet from their chart.
  5. Ask them if it was a good choice for nasty words or behaviour. 
  6. Wait and listen for their response. 
  7. Ask why they choose to act that way
  8. Ask how else they should of reacted to the situation.
  9. Remind them they will receive the kindness magnet back when I see that good behaviour.
  10. If they have all 10 magnets on a Sunday night they will receive thier pocket money for the week ($5).
  11. If they don’t have all their magnets they loose 50c for each one missing.

My kids are all enjoying these charts and I can see some new behavoiurs occuring just because they want a magnet….love it!!

Visit A Little Bit of Cheek for more details on these reward charts.

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