Quote of the Month – Free Printable – January 2013

Each weekday on facebook I share with you a quote of the day, I have loved finding these quotes just as much as sharing them with you, some make me cry, laugh and really think.  This year each month on the blog  I will share with you a quote of the month, a quote that will motivate and inspire you in your everyday life.  I will design these quotes into an image which you can then print and frame.

This month’s quote is one very close to my heart.

‘When you learn how to accept instead of expect, you will have fewer disappointments’ author unknown.

Each year a lot of bloggers create one word, a word to live by each year.  I have never participated in this until this year.  My word… expect.  Like the quote ‘Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for  them’ (author unknown), says it all for me.  I have expected a lot from certain people around me, they didn’t meet my expectations and for that I became hurt and our relationships suffered.  This year I want to learn to accept that that’s all they can give and just love them for that.

January 2013 Quote of the Month

This quote is available for free during January 2013

I’m placing my quotes in a frame on the wall next to my computer, where will you put yours?

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