Pregnancy and Baby Planner

I have received quite a few emails asking for help in preparing for babies arrival and checklists of everything needed for bub.  So I took this all one step further and created the ultimate Pregnancy and Baby Planner.  

This planner is a digital download, available instantly after purchase.  It is designed to keep everything pregnancy and after baby is born related in one folder.  This will save you losing pieces of paper such as a new favourite baby name and you can keep track of your medication and kicks so if you become ill and doctor asks you a question you will have everything recorded.  

It also has checklists galore to help you remember everything for the nursery, clothes, hospital and more

Plus a full section to keep track of baby’s milestones.  

I remember when my twins were little I created a chart similar to the feeding log in this planner, before that it was too hard to remember which side I fed which child on, as you need to alternate each feed. As always when I write stuff down it’s so much easier to remember.  

In this 42 page planner you will find the following pages:

Cover and spine label

Included to create your planner


Pages for you to laminate and use as dividers

Weekly journal pages

Keep track of your weight, waist, craving, mood and more.  Also area to place a photo of yourself so you can see your changing shape

Daily schedule pages

To track your schedule, to-do lists, exercise and food intake, it’s good to record this for ‘just in case’

Medication log

To keep track of medication you are taking

Ultrasound pages

Pages to keep ultrasound photos along with area to journal

Checklists galore

What you will need for:

  • While pregnant
  • Clothes for baby
  • Nappy bag
  • Nursery
  • Travel
  • Bath
  • Changing area
  • Breastfeeding
  • Bottle feeding
  • Solids
  • Hospital lists for mum
  • Hospital lists for baby
  • Hospital lists for the support person
  • and more

Baby names

Keep all your ideas for baby names in one place

Nursery pages

A place to record you nursery decorating inspiration, with pages to glue ideas.  List to record what you need to buy for nursery.  List to record your to-do for nursery.


  • Kick tracker
  • Contraction tracker
  • Feeding log, help you remember if you used left or right breast, along with recording times
  • Sleeping log
  • Nappy log, especially handy if bub is sick, you can track last movement
  • Solids log
  • Baby’s medication log
  • Baby’s growth chart
  • Baby’s milestones
  • Baby’s teeth chart

This is a digital product, available instantly to download available after purchase


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Melanie April 10, 2013 - 8:16 AM

This is amazing and just what I am needing, this pregnancy has been a struggle and I am on a lot of medication at the moment, I also can’t keep a few food down so will be great to record it in the daily schedule food box, when I start to get sick I can look back and work out what food doesn’t agree with me. You think of everything thank you Kat, I love the planner.

Jacqui April 10, 2013 - 8:25 AM

Just brought this, Kat it is amazing…. thank you.

Emma Louise Adley April 10, 2013 - 11:12 AM

i was just thinking yesterday to message you about something like this 🙂 thanks for all your work you help me out so much you are an inspiration

Katrina April 10, 2013 - 11:20 AM

Your very welcome, hope you enjoy the planner. I certainly wish I had something like this when I was pregnant. 🙂

Emma Louise Adley April 10, 2013 - 3:16 PM

this is my second and i am not quite as organised as i feel i should be. I have MS and cant do to much without feeling tired on the best of day now im pregnant running round after and 2 year old and working parttime i think im a glutten for punishment :S im sure this will help me out tremendously do you have any good ideas for potty training my little girl likes sitting on the potty and knows when she is doing something but hasnt put the two together yet

Olivia October 8, 2015 - 2:48 AM

Loved reading this! It really did help me through my pregnancy. It also directed me to getting this awesome bassinet – .

Thank you for such a great post!


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