School Holiday Planner

School holidays start here in QLD at the end of this week.  We are going to try and spend the first week at home, to relax unwind and enjoy time together as a family.  We recently purchased Wii Party and loving it, such a fun game to play all together, making us work together as teams and individually.

I have included a school holiday planner, which will help you keep the upcoming weeks organised.  I ask the kids to write down the things they want to do, on the wish list.  Then we try and work a few or most of them into the 2 weeks they have off.

Also now available is Mums School Holiday Checklist, a checklist I use of tasks to complete over the school holidays, reminding me to clean out school bags, wash lunch bags, polish shoes etc.

DOWNLOAD: School Holiday Printables

school holiday printables


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