Road Trip Checklist and Aussie Road Trip Games Book

Queensland start school holidays at the end of this week, so many families will be preparing for holidays with many off on a road trip to spend the long weekend with family.

We went on a 12 hour road trip with the kids about 18 months ago, it was long, but lots of fun and ultimately worth every minute to see the family at the end of the long trip.

The key to a successful road trip is to be prepared:

  • have enough food packed so you won’t be buying too much fast food
  • schedule in stops so you can stretch your legs, every 2 hours is perfect
  • have tissues and wipes on hand
  • snacks and water bottles for everybody
  • vomit bags in easy reach (we learnt this the hard way)
  • car charges for phone and iPod, iPads etc
  • and what we found one of the most enjoyable was road trip games.  My kids loved the bingo, see below to download my Aussie Road Trip Games book

Find a Road Trip Checklist below to help you organise your next road trip

This list is to help you prepare for the trip, you will need to use a packing checklist to help you remember what to pack in the suitcase

road trip checklist

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 Download this 23 page Aussie Road Trip games book

This will make long road trips lots of fun.  Each game comes in a set of 4, scavenger hunt games, bingo, tic-tac-toe, the dot games, riddles and more.

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