Colour for a Cause!

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Colour for a Cause is a colouring in competition open to all ages. 

The Colour for a Cause colouring in competition is a fun way of celebrating the enchanting world of children through art therapy and a fun way for the whole family to participate in Childhood Cancer Awareness Month this September Fundraising for Love Your Sister; 100% of these funds will go to Children’s Cancer Institute’s Zero Childhood Cancer program in support of their Liquid Biopsy research initiative.

This is a story about Zara from her grandmothers perspective. “A diagnosis of cancer in your beautiful, perfect 3-year-old grandchild is the scariest, most dreaded news you will confront. Suddenly your world is rocked, turned upside down. There it is, it’s leukaemia, there’s no running away from it, there’s no going back, there’s only the rocky road ahead. So many things run through your mind, why her, why not me? It’s too unfair and cruel, it should be me, it’s the wrong order of things!  One moment you have a cheerful, cheeky, vibrant, happy little cherub, the next moment, she’s thrown into a whirlwind of aggressive, invasive, and painful treatments, chemotherapy, blood transfusions, steroids, lumbar punctures, multiple scary hospital stays and emergency trips to hospital at all hours of day and night. She must face the emotional and psychological impact of the treatment, the brutal side effects including damaging effects on her healthy cells, bleeding noses, mouth ulcers, rashes, loss of appetite, loss of weight, loss of hair, nausea, vomiting, loss of sense of smell and taste, and tiredness to name a few. The frequent hospital stays inevitably result in Zara sharing rooms with other children with varying types of cancers, which can be quite confronting when you’re in such a vulnerable situation. Parents become reluctant members of a community of broken-hearted parents. Over time, a special bond develops through mutual support and understanding of what it feels like when your child is undergoing treatment for cancer. The courage and resilience demonstrated by Zara and her little superhero cancer playmates have been Heidi’s inspiration to raise awareness and funds in support of childhood cancer research, and what better way than by supporting the Zero program to radically improve the model of care for every single child with cancer.”

‘Colour for a Cause’ is a great opportunity to put away your phone, get out your colouring pencils and allow your inner artist to bring a little colour, magic and light into your life. While at the same time supporting a valuable and worthwhile cause. Go to the web page and enter the competition now.

The winner will be decided on Instagram @love_your_little_sister_or_bro on Monday 18th October 2021.

Lockdown colouring in activity

Donut Worry Be Happy when you’re colouring in this sweet page from Digital Motherhood

free colouring in pages for lockdown

Enjoy while colouring in this page from Flow Magazine.

Colour for a cause
Colour for a cause

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