{Back to School} New Printable – Bike riding and walking schedules

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

A few years ago I was watching an episode on Dr Phil about parenting styels, a ‘helicopter parent’ vs a ‘free range parent’.  A helicopter parent hovers over their children, follows them around and won’t let them out of their sight.  A free range parent gives the kids freedom and independence for them to venture out of sight.  (I hope I defined these correctly, but this is how I interoperated them).  I certainly felt I fell into the ‘helicopter’ style of parenting, I have been known to follow the kids to school (they scootered) in the car just to know they got their safe.  However over the past few years I have let go a little and given my kids the freedom to go outdoors by themselves.  Be it they are older now, it’s easier.  Anyways, this post isn’t about parenting styles it’s about giving the kids the freedom to ride to school.

We live in a really lovely neighbourhood, most of the kids in our street go to the same school and are around the same age. They all enjoy playing together on weekends and holidays.  So when the kids asked if they could ride to school by themselves we thought it was a great idea, there’s about 8 of them that ride together.  However, as some kids have before and after school commitments it’s hard to co-ordinate all the kids.  So I have created some bike riding/walking schedules for both boys and girls to write down when their friends can ride/walk to school.

Print the schedule and write when friends can ride in pencil, using pencil will allow you to make changes as it always happens.

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Walking Schedule

Bike Riding Schedule


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vkw January 23, 2013 - 8:05 PM

I wish our schools were in walking/riding distance but my boys have been bussing since our eldest was in yr 2, middle son was in year 1 and the ‘baby’ in kindy(reception for those in vic I think).They were 6, 7 and 8 and only 2 others were on the bus so no big deal.However, when our eldest was in year 4(turning 10) he sat a test for entry to an academically selective class for years 5 and 6.When he started at the new school he had to catch a bus and also change for a connecting bus both ways.It was good practice for high school which starts in 7 days time 🙂

Bobbi Coldicott January 24, 2014 - 1:13 PM

With no offense meant, because we all need different things for ourselves and our children, why is there a need to coordinate this? Do we really need to schedule our kids’ riding their bikes/walking to school??? Can’t they all just meet on the way–if there’s a friend there, great–if not, won’t they just get on with it and go by themselves? Kids tend to sort this sort of thing out with each other anyway, and arrange to meet in the morning or not. It’s important for children to be able to do things (like get to school without a companion) on their own to build independence and resilience. For me, this is adding a layer of complication and involvement that is so unnecessary! I was told by our school that legally the kids aren’t allowed to get themselves to school on their own until they are in year 4 (and that’s with a crossing guard on duty) and I nearly fell over. Cotton wool, anyone?


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