Weekend Catch Up #3

Weekend Catch up

I’m having so much fun sharing these ‘Weekend Catch Up’ posts with you.  One of the readers last week so kindly commented that it was like she was catching up with a friend for coffee hearing about how my week has been.  Funnily enough I was replying to all the comments over my morning coffee… so it is just like that, we are friends right!!

From the recent survey that so many of you kindly filled out (thank you), I learnt that quite of  few members of this community do not follow The Organised Housewife on Facebook and Instagram.  I ask a variety of questions on facebook and share a more personal side of me via photos on Instagram.  Because you are missing out on this I thought I would create a weekend catch up post each week so you can keep up to date.

I don’t want to be too repetitive and share the daily tasks and quotes as these are published in the daily newsletter and I share a monthly wrap of both these on the blog.

From Instagram

I saw this stunning ABC chest of drawers at Domayne last night, so funky for any childs room. 


Kids come home from camp today (yay!!) I’ve given their teddies and doonas a good clean while they were gone to get rid of any dustmites.


So I may have sold Mr 11’s bedroom suite while he was away… he’ll be sleeping on his mattress on the floor for a few days waiting in anticipation for him new bedroom set to arrive. I purchased him a single bed wondering if I should of got him a double?? (we only just got new single mattresses a few months ago).


My taste buds have changed so much since my surgery, I LOVE smoked salmon now and couldn’t stomach it before, I’ve been working on a recipe today, just finished and I’m ooh so happy.


COMMUNITY SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT – don’t trust the blu-tak that comes with the fairy doors. It has made a ridiculously sticky mess on my wall this is going to be a pain to get off. one daughter sleeping so going to tackle this later so I don’t wake her. I’m thinking the hair dryer and gumption???  

fairy door

This is so funny, must remember this one and share with kids in the morning. #Repost from typoshop


{PARTY PRINTABLES} Lego party printables, include invitation, thank you tags, bag toppers and more. Instant Download – many more designs available. Available in my shop.


Beautifully packed ikea catalogue, just in time to read at kids karate this afternoon!


{TIP} I can’t handle really strong smells, so I only use half the bamboo sticks in the infusers, plus it makes the last longer! This mango and papaya from Circa Home infuser smells so good! I continually keep one near the kids bathroom.


{CHALLENGE} Today’s declutter challenge is all about the wardrobe. Read my top tip to declutter the wardrobe.

turn coathangers

I’m currently redecorating Miss 9 and Mr 11s bedrooms. I’m having so much fun. These colours here are the inspiration for Miss 9s makeover, so beautiful. — #Repost from Milka Interiors 

colours pink mint tiffany blue

{BILL ORGANISER} Paperwork in the office can easily become a mess and get lost. Use the Bill Organiser to keep all your bills and receipts together in one place so you won’t forget to pay your bills. This Bill Organiser includes June 2014 – December 2015 calendars. Available as in Instant Download in my shop 

{The Organised Housewife} 2015 Bill Organiser FB

So the tooth fairy was busted twice this week (miss 9 has lost 2 teeth in 3 days).  Thankfully we covered it up (well we think we did).  Last night we managed to get in and out without her noticing and dropped some glitter in the glass.  Miss 9 was over the moon with the fairy dust left behind.  Huge thank you to one of my readers for this sweet idea.


mr 11s new bedroom suite has just got delivered. so many boxes I presumed I’d have to put the bed and desk together, but everything else?? this will take awhile.


a little quiet moment before the busy of after school begins – Daffodils, freckles and the new Homes Plus Mag


{CLEVER} necklace storage idea. #Repost from@eeziart — I’m a bit of a freak for organisation lol. This is my own ikea hack for storing necklaces – Ikea Lack shelves for pictures with hooks screwed underneath = “Eezi” jewellery storage / bedroom wall art 

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 2.52.35 pm

a coffee hit while I do the girl’s hair and before my boxing session at the gym!!


From Facebook

A few months ago I met Emily from Have a laugh on me, she interviewed me for the new More Gold Coast website. Emily is a blogger herself and shares today a little more about our conversation. She’s so funny, she shared a pic of herself hiding in her pantry a few weeks ago, can’t remember if she was hiding from the kids or eating chocolate.

Ooh dear, I’ve been typing the date in my daily emails to you all as September the past few days. Thank you for those that let me know. No I’m not wishing time to pass LOL. I’m a little sleep deprived (sporting some good designer bags!!) with so much on my mind at the moment, when this happens my brain struggles to rest and keeps me awake, which has resulted in some late night online shopping sprees trying to redecorate Mr 11 and Miss 9’s bedrooms. (I should get my sleep under control before I spend too much more money). You can sign up to the daily emails here:http://eepurl.com/dcDJQ

image credit: http://www.freutcake.com/art-design/its-one-of-those-days/


Thank you to this weeks task sponsor My Lil Pouch, the ultimate reusable food pouch – is environmentally friendly, dishwasher safe, durable and is a quality food-grade pouch that’s free from BPA, PVC and Phthalate. It’s ideal for a wide range of uses, is cheap to buy and can be used over and over again. Perfect for pureed fruit, yoghurts, custards, dressings or even freeze homemade pasta sauce, ideas are endless! DISCOUNT: 20% OFF use code ‘organised’ at checkout. Purchase from: http://mylilpouch.com.au/

FB EXTRA IMAGES{ORGANISE} Here is a post I shared a few years ago about organising the fridge. Do you pre-chop your fruit and veg?

What have you been up to this week?


I take all the photos above on my iPhone, you can read all my tips for iPhonography here.  

Some of my favourite apps to improve the photos are:

little moments app 2 facetune app a beautiful mess app

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