Reader Questions

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

I thought I’d dedicate today’s post to some questions I have been asked by readers.  Some of these have been answered in comments, but I’m not sure if everybody goes back and reads comments.

Q:  i visit shops regularly to purchase milk and fresh bread, what do you do because you only shop weekly?

A:  I buy 4 x 2L milks, this should see us (5 of us) through till the end of the week.  I don’t take the milk from the front of the shelf I take from the back, to ensure that it will not expire before the week is over.  As for bread I purchase 3-4 loaves, again enough for the week and I freeze it as soon as I arrive home.  It is frozen fresh and it defrosts just as fresh. We love our bread fresh and we don’t hesitate in freezing it.  I recommend you give it a go, could help reduce waste and save the time it takes to shop for a loaf of bread.

Q:  Do you find that Tupperware/plastic does not dry itself in the dishwasher?

A:  This happens in my dishwasher when the rinse aide is low.  Try topping your dishwasher with rinse aide and it should completely dry.  Other readers have suggested when the cycle has finished to open the door overnight, then by morning it should be dry.

Q:  Where do you store your gladwrap/phone books?

A:  I don’t keep my phone books, they take up too much of my valuable kitchen space.  I recycle them and use the online yellow pages and white pages.  Our gladwrap is kept in the pantry stored in a wire system purchased from a Homecare catalogue a few years ago.

Q:  Be great if the routine charts could be customisable… but that’s probably a little too much right?

A:  Glad your loving the routine charts.  Yes there are personlised routine chart options available here.

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