7 ways to spoil your pet

Whether you’ve got a dog, cat or any other type of pet, here are 7 ways to celebrate and spoil your furbaby on National Pet Day.

Not only do pets provide companionship and loyalty, but they are huge givers of love, laughs and affection. Our dog Zoe is always there for a cuddle and inspires us to get out of the house and take her ‘walkies’. In typical cat fashion, our cat Millee is less overt with her love but she’s a darling and we love her!

We love to spoil our pets every day. But how fun there is a National Pet Day, and even better reason for some extra loving!! Here are 7 ways to spoil your pet on National Pet Day…or any other time!

explore a new walking spot

Dogs like to mix things up just us much as we do. Instead of walking them around your usual neighbourhood route, take them to a local dog park or somewhere new that they can explore and enjoy. Maybe even try a local area they can go off leash!

a trip to the beach

Heading to the beach? Take your pup with you! You can generally find which beaches are dog-friendly on your local council website. But remember to pack a few extra towels so you can dry your pooch off and they don’t dirty your car seats. 

give them a special dinner or treats

Home is where the food is! What better way to show your pet how much you love them by treating them to delicious homemade dinners for cats or dogs.  Just take care when transitioning from one food to another to avoid them getting unwell. These treats are also a special indulgence!

wash and groom

They might not love getting washed, but your pooch WILL love all the cuddles they get afterwards when they are fluffy and fresh! Make an appointment at the groomer or wash them yourself with a natural, non toxic dog wash. For your feline friend, although they wash themselves, sometimes they do need a bit of help. I love these cat wipes, especially for older cats.

ear rubs and cuddles

Did you know that rubbing a dog’s ears triggers endorphins, making them feel good and relieving stress? Long haired furbabies need regular combing and brushing too – do this gently and your pet will enjoy the attention.

stroller walk

For dogs who are older or have trouble walking, a pet stroller is a great way to get them out of the house for some fresh air. Similarly, it might be impossible to walk a cat but you can still take your furball out with you in a pet stroller!

vet visit

Probably not your pet’s first choice of fun activities, but the best thing you can do for your pet is take care of her or his health with regular vet check ups and vaccinations.

Happy National Pet Day! I hope you enjoy some precious time with your furbaby.

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