My little green thumbs

I have made quite a few dinners recently that required chives and spring onions and have found them quite expensive to buy at the shops.  As they seem to be a regular on my shopping list I thought I will try to grow my own. 

On the weekend I made a trip to Bunnings (love love Bunnings) and purchased 2 gorgeous pots and some seedlings to start my own crop.  I have tried a vege garden in the past, but sadly all that seemed to survive was the parsley. 

I gave the pots and seedlings to my kid and they planted them up for me, they love gardening.  Herbs are really easy to grow, which makes for a great activity for the kids.  My kids love the responsibility of watering them each day.

Have you got a little vege patch or pots of herbs? This would be a great weekend activity for the kids.

Meet my kiddies below the twins – DD#1 & DS (excuse DS he has no idea how to smile for the camera) and little DD#2:


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