10 ideas on how to stress less

The past few weeks have been a real struggle coping with the grief of losing mum.  I have lost all my grandparents, but this is a completely different feeling.  There are days where I think tomorrow I will try get back into my routine, but I’m finding it hard to move forward.  I want to be honest and give you an understanding on how I am feeling.  I am not sleeping, cooking, baking, cleaning or blogging as much as I want to.  I’m sure it’s the lack of sleep has left me with an aching head and no energy.  I’m also feeling torn as I really had hoped mum would read my blog, I know she was proud as I often told her stories of my achievements and the lovely messages I receive from readers and I knew that one day she would read it… but now she won’t and this hurts.

I saw this list on pinterest recently, 10 stress less ideas.  Not that I am stressing, but I love the idea of some of them to help me move through my struggles with losing mum.

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