Gaining control of my emails & comments

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

While the kids were on holiday’s I was trying to learn to balance my blogging and family time.  Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to answer every email and reply to every comment.  

If you are awaiting a reply, can you please resend your email or repost your comment below.  

I really do appreciate all your comments, please continue to keep commenting.  Seeing your comments when I open my computer in the mornings makes me smile and makes me feel loved….thankyou x

As the blog grows I have been struggling to keep up with emails and comments, I have just downloaded an e-book ‘Simple Blogging‘.  The chapter that caught my eye was…how to make peace with your email inbox.  What I have read so far has been a great help.  

This ebook is available for $8, BUY YOUR COPY HERE 

image credit:  pennywise, available for purchase from etsy shop

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