Be prepared for the change of season

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Winter is early!!

Winter is well and truly here on the Sunny Gold Coast, there is certainly a chill is in the air, it’s time to start buying for the new season.  Items you may consider buying:

  • Winter Pj’s
  • Bed Socks
  • Slippers
  • Tracksuit pants
  • Jumpers
  • Throw rug to put over knees while watching TV
  • Flannelette Sheets
  • Extra blanket
  • An electric blanket, if you desire
  • A slow cooker (I use the slow cooker for at least 2 out of 7 meals during winter)
  • Soup or casserole cookbook
  • Heater
  • Thermos to take homemade soup to work or pack in school lunchboxes
  • The list could keep going.  HERE is a list of clothing I buy my children during winter

Taking the kids shopping can be trying, but what better way to make your shopping day more enjoyable than participating in some of the activities your local shopping center puts on.  This Saturday 21st May all Westfield centres throughout Australia are hosting a major national fundraising event Give Ability Day.  Many Westfield shopping centres will have a variety of activities for the kids to participate in such as, train rides, animal farms, face painting, plus many more (vary at each centre).  This would be a great chance for the kids to have a bit of fun as you all shop together for your winter supplies. By visiting on Saturday and participating in some of the activities, you can show your ability to give and support children with disabilities and their families in your local community.

About Give Ability: 

Sadly, 1 in 14 Australian children live with a disability.  Caring for a child can be tough and very challenging. While every child is a joy to their parents, families of children with a disability find simple everyday living more difficult. Financial assistance, respite care – time out and community support can make a world of difference.

Give Ability focuses on what we can all do to help enable children with disabilities and their families. We all have ‘give ability’ – the ability to donate what we can to help give the ability for kids to take part in fun activities, for respite care so parents and carers can take a break too, or for new programs and facilities to be set up.  Give Ability helps to facilitate people supporting people in the community.

Every Westfield centre across Australia has a close partnership with a local children’s disability service provider in their community, giving people the opportunity to make a difference to families in their local areas.

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Becci Sundberg May 17, 2011 - 10:03 AM

I start my winter clothes shopping the monent they come into the store. I have a good idea of what htey need and put a nice sized layby on.
I have most things for the boys now. They have new dressing gowns and 2 pairs of new flannel jammies and slipper socks (the best invention ever!!!) on layby atm.
They both need some new jumpers though for good wear.

I keep more than you have listed for my boys in ther drawers. But most of it is house clothes as my boys are younger (nearly 3 and 20 months) so they spend lots of time getting dirty outside and I don’t have a clothes dryer to get things dry so need more sets for those times in winter when nothing will dry.

Julie May 19, 2011 - 1:46 AM

I like op-shops!!
It is often sparse findings for toddlers and young boys clothes but it has allowed us to save so much money and contribute to charity as well….(if you can afford it why not give the money you save back to another charity too?)
I was just thinking when i woke up cold in the wee hours this morn – Gratitude:
1. my ms 4 is asleep(after 3 consecutive nites with croup)thanks partly to the sudden cold snap here too
2. i have blankets in storage after DH swiss-rolled himself in OUR doona
As we are only a 5min drive from some families that lost not only their winter stores but their entire home in the Roleystone bushfires and even just a few km away it is much colder there than here in winter!!.. I will have to pare down the woolen store when i get back from my weekend away…

Larissa May 20, 2011 - 8:11 PM

Literally, after reading this post, I came down with our first “change of season” cold!
So I got organised! Now I have our winter “must haves” all in one place!

This weekend you have inspired me to do the big clothes swap! Goodbye Summer clothes, hello winter!


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