And to think I nearly stopped blogging… + chance to win $5,000

Around this time last year we had a devastating loss in our family, I took quite a few weeks off blogging to spend time with my loved ones.  After having this break I realised the blog was taking a lot of my spare time, I was having trouble balancing family and blogging and thought I couldn’t continue.  I made up my mind to quit blogging. But I found that very difficult to do, I thought I would give it 2 more weeks, then that’s it.  I remembered I wanted to write about a particular topic, so I did, then there was a recipe I just had to share, so I did, then there were the readers asking for help in all the emails I was receiving, so I answered. 

But I couldn’t bring myself to stop.  I loved SHARING my ideas, I loved WRITING and I loved INSPIRING my readers, I wanted to HELP you to create a home you are comfortable living in.  So instead I found that balance and haven’t looked back.

I am SO glad that I continued with writing my blog, I have achieved so much in the past year – I have nearly reached 30,000 likers in our facebook community, the readership has tripled in the last 6 months, I strive to write a post each day, I am now delivering the daily tasks to your inboxes each morning, I travelled to Kuala Lumpur last year thanks to Nuffnang, I won the AusMumpreneur Best Blog for 2011 and I have been to quite a few conferences to help me improve my blogging skills.

It has been a wonderful journey and I am so pleased to dedicate my time to writing The Organised Housewife blog.  And I am VERY THANKFUL to those wonderful readers that nominated me in the Kidspot Blogger awards.  I made it to the Top 50!!!!  View the full list here.

{Squeal}… I am in the Top 50 Kidspot Bloggers!!!!! 

The winner is announced in July and that very lucky person will receive a FORD TERRITORY for one year (we are huge FORD, fans in our household) and a TRIP TO THE BLOGHER’12 CONFERENCE IN NEW YORK.  Yes, you know I like my blog conferences and this would be a dream to attend.  So just putting it out there:


There are two parts to this competition.

Part 1 –  I will write a blog post which will be judged by a panel of amazing ladies.  All Top 50 participants will write about the same topic.  PLUS I need to collect votes from my readers, 1 vote only per reader. By voting you are then in the draw for a chance to win $5,000.  That is well and truly worth the 2 min it takes to place a vote!!  While you are there check out the wonderful Kidspot website.

Part 2 – From this the judges and the votes help to choose the Top 5 bloggers, to make it to this point would be just as amazing as winning.  We will then write a series of blog posts which again will be reviewed by the panel of judges.  

I would love your support, I hope you don’t mind me asking if you have the time can you please place a vote.


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