What is clutter?

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Do you have a lot of clutter, do you feel overwhelmed by the mission ahead to clear it away?  Do you lose things not knowing where you put them?  Clutter not only makes your home look untidy it will make you feel miserable, has a negative effect on your mind and emotions.  Living like this will leave you with little energy or motivation leaving you feeling stuck going nowhere.  Clutter will continue to multiply if you don’t create some organisation.

What is clutter?

  • Overfilled drawers – too many items to fit into a drawer
  • Old tech – phones, walkman, CDs, videos
  • Piles of papers, old books or magazines – that you really aren’t going to go back and read
  • Pile of  ‘stuff’ in the corner – cause you have no idea where to put it
  • Too many clothes in the wardrobe – Too big, too small, not on trend or simply just too many
  • Huge pile of washing – that you need to clean or iron
  • Mystery clutter – bits and bobs that you know belongs to something but your not sure what
  • Broken clutter – that you think you may fix, but reality is you won’t
  • Hopeful clutter – projects or hobbies you plan on doing or finishing one day
  • Freebies and samples – tote bags and samples from shows and stores
  • Unwanted gifts – that your struggling to part with
  • Family clutter – items given to you as a gift, hand me downs, someone thought you could use, left you.
  • Kids old clothes – they have outgrown and your struggling to part with
  • Investment clutter – you think it could be valuable one day
  • Holiday clutter – brochures, maps, boarding passes, itineraries, bottles of sand, trinkets
  • Messy handbag – that you just keep adding to and get frustrated every time you lose something in there
  • Things you no longer use – but you feel may come in handy one day

Do any of these sound familiar??  Keeping your area tidy and organised is possible, you will find peace, feel more relaxed and have a better outlook on life.


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I’ve compiled a list of ruthless questions to help you purge your clutter.  Apply your clutter to this list to help you through your tossing process.

  PRINTABLE: Purge your clutter, instant download available from my shop here.

Now that you have determined what your clutter is, read 5 steps to clear your clutter.  I promise you it will be painless and you will be impressed with your new area!

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