What are your 2012 organising goals?

Last year I asked you about your 2011 organising goals, were you able to reach them?  I must admit, number 2…. I want to spend more time  ‘Scrapbooking’, wasn’t successful for me as I was having too much fun blogging 🙂

Let’s create new goals for 2012 and together try to accomplish them.  Also by filling out your goals gives me a good idea of topics I need to write about throughout the year 😉

Where do you want to start, what do you want to achieve?  Answer these questions for me: (My answers are below in caps).  

  1. I want to feel “RELAXED“ while I’m at home.
  2. I want to spend more time “HAVING COMPUTER FREE DAYS“ .
  3. I want an area of the home where I can “RELAX“ 
  4. I want to organise “OFFICE“ room first.
  5. I always lose “MY NAIL FILE“ .
  6. I want to be all organised by “EASTER SCHOOL HOLIDAYS“ .
  7. Something that I don’t need, but am having trouble parting with “PAINTINGS“ .

I’d love to see your answers, please copy above and paste into the comments area replacing my answers with yours.    

Together I will help you achieve these goals!!

Give it a try, I promise you will enjoy the end result!

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Think positive and it will happen

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