Tips to Organise Kitchen Drawers

Easy tips to organise and declutter your crowded kitchen drawers, helping to make your kitchen as user-friendly as possible!

Disorganised kitchen drawers are a breeding ground for clutter! Like any space that lacks order, kitchen drawers become a dumping ground for stray and often unnecessary items. Now you can fix all that, with this easy step-by-step guide I have created to help you organise your kitchen drawers, and make your kitchen as efficient as possible.


Remove all items
from your kitchen drawers and wipe each drawer clean. 


Group like items together
cutlery, gadgets, tea towels etc.


broken items or any that you’ve not used in the last 12 months.


Create order
by assessing your current drawer storage solutions, implementing new systems where needed, and by avoiding overcrowding your drawers. Keep reading for more tips on how to do just this.


When I purged the Elton John inspired onion cutting goggles that were kicking around in the back of my utensil drawer, I also implemented some pretty cool storage solutions that helped whip my kitchen drawers into order. Consider using some of these tips to keep your kitchen drawers neat and tidy.


I am in love with these convenient and easy-to-use Expandable Drawer Dividers! They can be adjusted to fit almost any drawer, and unlike other dividers on the market they don’t fall over as soon as one section is empty. I am now using them for most of my kitchen drawers – utensils, saucepans, Tupperware – and even my underwear drawer in the bedroom! I am blown away by how much extra space these dividers have afforded me.

These dividers also allow me to easily separate my Tupperware bases from their lids, making my drawers heaps tidier! I like to buy plastic containers that are the same so that all the lids are then interchangeable.


If you have young children around it can be very unsafe to store sharp objects such as knives in drawers, especially if your children can access the drawers. Instead, store your knives in their own storage blocks. This also helps to free up more space in your kitchen drawers.


We all have a few utensils that are on rapid rotation in our homes. Store these frequently used utensils and your larger utensils in a utensil holder on your kitchen bench instead of in your drawers. This will allow easy access while cooking whilst also helping to free up space in your kitchen drawers.


Try to avoid having a junk drawer. Whilst you may think it is convenient to add your ‘miscellaneous stuff’ to a drawer, it can quickly become a disaster zone. Remove all non-kitchen items from the kitchen and create a home for them elsewhere.


Store your Christmas baking items such as cookie cutters, cookbooks or baking tins with your Christmas decorations so they don’t take up valuable space in your drawer. Let’s be honest, it’s unlikely they’re going to do much more than gather dust and use up precious kitchen space for the other 11 months of the year.


If you have a drawer big enough for pots, the drawer dividers are a great way to organise them, stop them clattering about and make them easy to access.


Another option for organising kitchen drawers is by crystal trays. With a range of sizes available, this option can be really tailor made for your drawer size and the items you store in it. Find out more about how to do this here

I hope these tips help you get your kitchen drawers in order! Happy organising.

Drawer Dividers
Crystal Storage Trays

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