Spring Clean Your Life – Not Just Your Home

Create a calmer, happier, healthier, and more organised you with my five easy tips for spring cleaning your life – not just your home!

Creating and maintaining a life and home that is without clutter and chaos, is as simple as creating a good plan. Breaking down our ever-growing to-do lists into smaller more manageable parts helps to make life a little less overwhelming, and makes staying on top of cleaning and self care tasks a walk in the park.

With spring starting this weekend and Christmas and New Year already beckoning at us from around the corner (I know crazy right?!), I thought I’d share my top five tips for spring cleaning your life, so that you can tackle the next few months + 2020 calmly, and with confidence.

If you want help to seamlessly ingrain these five life-changing tips into your life, The Organised 2020 Weekly Planner and Wall Calendar were created with all this in mind. Pre-orders for both products close this Monday the 2nd of September, and will ensure you won’t miss out (last year’s calendar sold out one week after arriving from the printers!). Read on to see how these 2020 organising goodies will help you spring clean your life, not just your home. 

2020 Weekly Planner and Wall Calendar

1. Dream Big!

For us busy mums, the rigmarole of day-to-day life can begin to feel like Groundhog Day. Luckily the cure for this is quick, easy, and fun! By simply setting goals for your future and allowing yourself the space to dream big, you can quickly shine a little light on your darker days and make them sparkle once again! 

With dreams comes hope, and with hope comes happiness.

But don’t simply scribble these dreams on a page that can be easily discarded. Instead carry these precious intentions with you throughout your year, in a pretty little planner that provides you with all the space to make your dreams a reality. My Organised 2020 Weekly Planner does this and so much more, with pre-filled category headings that will prompt you to plant seeds for wonderful dreams in many areas of your life. Those seeds will then be watered and fostered to grow by devising a plan, a step-by-step guide, and a checklist – helping to ensure your goals grow into all that you dreamt they could be.

2. Look After You

We’re told our whole lives that we can’t look after others unless we look after ourselves first. Whilst I agree with this sentiment wholeheartedly, as a mother it can be easier said than done. Children are vulnerable and their needs often demand attention, and in tending to their needs we can easily overlook or forget our own. 

Setting aside time for your own happiness and health is crucial.

Schedule in down time for yourself and with your pets

As we get older there are some health tasks that if put off, can have dire consequences. In addition to reminding you of these crucial health checks, my 2020 Weekly Planner also includes regular self care tasks to keep your mood and mind on-point, as well as a monthly habit tracker to welcome in new healthy habits, and cast aside those that aren’t serving you anymore.

2020 weekly planner by the organised housewife

3. Break It Down

Creating a to-do list is great, but sometimes it can just serve to make us feel even more overwhelmed. The house is a mess and you have no idea where to start, your son’s birthday has crept up on you and you’ve got nothing planned, dinner time is a constant shambles with multiple mid-week supermarket trips, the laundry is overflowing, and you’re pretty sure everyone is due for a dentist appointment and a skin check. 

Life is busy, crazy, and chaotic, and motherhood seems to be all that and even more!

Dividing all these chores down into different areas of your life, and then breaking them down further into daily, weekly and monthly tasks makes staying on top of life simple and stress free. The Organised 2020 Wall Calendar and The Organised 2020 Weekly Planner are both great tools for helping do just this – they even make scheduling coffee time with one of your girlfriends super easy!

Look after yourself and have time with a friend

The wall calendar has you covered with big monthly pages that include 3 pre-filled cleaning tasks, 1 pre-filled happiness or health task, and space to scribble down your own important info. The weekly planner takes the calendar checklist to a whole new level, with a comprehensive daily cleaning routine, weekly and monthly cleaning checklists, regular self care tasks, savings goal trackers, and countless more time-saving features!

4. Stay Positive

We all want to live long and happy lives, and research says that this is exactly what grateful people can expect. So how do you maintain a positive approach when you’re in the grips of a stressful mornings with the kids? Consistently sprinkling uplifting affirmations throughout your day will help to flip a foul mood on it’s face, helping you to maintain a motivated, inspired and grateful mood instead.

Positive affirmations for 2020 weekly planner inspiration

It’s for this exact reason that my 2020 Weekly Planner and 2020 Wall Calendar are packed full of positive affirmations. Hang the calendar on your wall for all to see, or tuck my conveniently sized planner into your handbag and carry that positivity with you wherever you go. Either way, just make sure you keep smiling – your health and happiness will thank you.

Positive affirmations for a happy you in the weekly planner

5. Let Yourself Forget

Last but not least, let it all go.

Trying to remember everything is exhausting, stressful, and so unnecessary! By bringing all the elements of your busy life together in one convenient spot, you can easily keep on top of your busy schedule, clear your mind, and gift yourself back precious time with your kids and loved ones.

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Happiness hacks for busy stressed parents and mums


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