{Printable} The 2013 Planner

I am so excited to share with my new 2013 Planner!

I have a plan for 2013 and that is to be more time efficient, not to forget things and keep on top of everything I need to do.  I must admit last year time got the better of me, I forgot to send a few birthday cards and didn’t complete a few of my goals.  I needed to come up with system to help me remember and accomplish.  That’s were my new 2013 Planner will help me.  I created this planner with everything I wanted to achieve this year in mind.  At the beginning of each month I want to create goals, then using the daily to-do lists I will write all the tasks I need to do to ensure I complete these goals.  I’ll also use the daily to-do lists to write a week before somebody’s birthday a reminder to post the card, add in when I need to give my cat her flea and worming medication and there are just so many more possibilities to use it for.  I am a BIG list person, I get a thrill out of placing a big tick next to a task, so I am sure this will help me complete my goals.

I’m also terrible with drinking water so I have 8 little circles to check each day to help me keep up with my daily intake.

Late last year I started meal planning monthly.  I’m loving it, takes a little more time, but all in all, saves less time than doing it weekly.  It also ensures we have a balanced diet and if I see something on special the week before our meal I can grab it, so saves money too!  I have also added a monthly meal plan into this planner.

There are cleaning tasks that I do each month like washing doona inserts, cleaning the fridge etc, I can write down which tasks I will do throughout the month, this will help me remember to do these tasks and they won’t accumulate into one big chore. I’ve added the decluttering section for those that receiving my tasks and challenge and don’t have time, you can write them down for a later date in your planner.

The 2013 planner is available in my shop as an instant digital download for a very reasonable price.

Currently on sale for a limited time.





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