Party food ideas for teenagers

From study sessions to birthday parties, teenagers are often inviting friends over (at short notice!) Here are some finger food and dinner ideas for teenagers.

It was so easy when they were little – some chocolate crackles and fairy bread were the staples of any kids birthday party food table! But when kids become teenagers, not only do they eat more but sometimes they get more picky about what they eat.

Whether you need snacks or dinner, here are some party food ideas for teenagers.

1. dips and chips

Serve chips or crackers with a couple of readymade dips, such as hummus, French Onion or capsicum, or check this list of recipe dips to see what what you (or the teenagers!) could whip up. Add some veggie sticks to fill up the plate.

2. Chicken tenders and sauce

Heat up some chicken strips or even nuggets and serve with your favourite dipping sauce. For something a bit more substantial, serve with wraps and salad so they can make chicken wraps.

3. pulled pork sliders

If the teenagers are descending on you for dinner, pop on your slow cooker nice and early and let them serve up their own pulled pork sliders

4. pizza

Whether you get them delivered or make them yourself, pizza is the all-time easiest and probably the most-loved teenager food. Try these pizza topping ideas to mix up your flavours. 

5. tacos

Use a divided tray to serve taco filling options. and let them load up their own tacos or tortillas.

6. quesadillas

Another Mexican option is to make quesadillas. While they take a little more time to cook each one individually, these quesadillas have simple ingredients so are fairly inexpensive to make.
Kat’s tip: Short on time? There are so many heat and eat options in the freezer section at the supermarket. Pick up readymade packets of pies, sausage rolls, spring rolls, arancini balls and other finger foods that are ideal for parties.

7. cheese and vegemite scrolls

These always went in a heartbeat whenever the kids had friends over! Easy and affordable to make, these Cheese and Vegemite scrolls are the best fresh out of the oven. 

8. chicken rice paper rolls

For something a bit healthier, try these delicious rice paper rolls filled with fresh veggies.


Mix up the pizza style offering with this French bread pizza, topped with delish veggies, sausage and cheese.


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