Awesome Lego Construction Party

This is a guest post by Daneve, from Ah-Tissue

I watched Daveve via Instagram prepare for this party, weeks and weeks in advance.  I take my hat off to her, this is a spectacular party!  Whilst some people may not have the time to create all elements of this party, there are some fantastic ideas that you can certainly take from it and include in your next Lego party ~ Kat.

Tahlin’s 5th Lego Construction Party

Who doesn’t like playing with Lego??

Our boy Tahlin was turning 5 and we noticed that he really was getting into his Lego (with some little influence from Mummy and Daddy!) So our theme was created – A Lego Construction Party.

We added the “construction” theme along with the Lego as that’s what you basically do with Lego. We also based the activities around constructing and building.

An important element of planning my parties is the recycling factor. To save on cost I will always try to re-use and up-cycle items. We had been given many DVD cases a while back so I decided to use these for the invite. We used the elements inside the case to show the guests the pizza construction details, a magnetised invite in the shape of a Lego man holding the details. All the printable elements were designed by my husband.

In putting together a party a major element for me is the decorating. Most of the decorations were created by ourselves. Constuction signs were placed around which informed the guests of the activities in the different areas. Caution tape was placed everywhere, along with flags, witches hats, lights and black & yellow poms created by Ah-Tissue.

Again the when it came to the dessert table, re-using items was the main focus. Our backdrop was created out of cardboard boxes we had kept and on the table itself we used items that were used from previous parties, which were made from recycled items. We always had in mind for the things that we needed to buy on what we could re-use them for after the party. For example, the tool containers are to be used in our shed, the “Tahlin” sign is already being used in his bedroom, the besser blocks that were used as the children’s seats and on the dessert table have now been used in our veggie garden.

A full dessert table was the main focus inside where the children (and big kids!) devoured many yummy treats throughout the day. They were also able to take the goodies home at the end of the party. The guests also were involved in constructing their own pizza for lunch at the “Pizza Construction Table”. The ingredients were all set out on the table so that everyone could have their own personal pizza toppings. We labelled each pizza with the guest’s name by using a pick. This was a huge hit with the guests and we heard lots of positive feedback from the parents.

The design of the cake jumped into my head as soon as we decided to have the Lego Contruction Party. I would not call myself a cake extraordinaire, but I took up the challenge and created it for my boy. The cakes were a mixture of Chocolate Mud and Red Velvet, but I still haven’t mastered the technique for getting the fondant smooth but I think I did a pretty good job in the end!

We always want to make sure that there is plenty of things to do at our parties. This is a major focus when dealing with children invited. We borrowed a jumping castle from our friends and it seemed to get a good workout! There were colouring pages and Lego crayons on the kids tables also. We decided to start the party off with a scavenger hunt where the children had to go into our garden and find a personalised tube with lollies and Lego inside.

We hired giant Lego blocks for the kids to build with. Most people at some point of the day had a go at building something out of these! We had a game of “guess the amount of Lego pieces” which was inside a jar. A prize was given to the closest guess. There was “Build your own Lego race car” competition where the kids had to make their own car out of a pile of Lego. Then they took turns in racing their cars on a small ramp. The winner received a prize.

The next activity was constructing a Sand Art picture. We made up simple images and transferred them onto a special sticky paper and cutting it out using a cutting machine. This was a popular activity with the kids along with the adults.

While this was going on, we had half of the guests constructing their pizzas.

The “take home” gift items is one of my favourite things to do in organising a children’s party. After guiding the children to a shelf, the first thing they received was a personalised construction hat, badge and work tag to wear.

A personalised “witches hat” drink bottle was on the main kids tables which also doubled as the seat placement.

As each child left they received a “Thank You” goodies bag that consisted of bubbles, a yellow stationary folder, Lego item to build, a Lego block eraser and my favourite, a “Mini” stuffed Lego head toy. These Lego heads toys came in male and female and were designed and made by us. The fabric can be purchased to make your own. Details on where to purchase the fabric will be given if an enquiry is made.

We had a fantastic day at Tahlin’s Lego Construction Party and everyone had a great time. We received a lot of positive feedback and comments from the parents saying how much fun their kids had at the party. This kind of feedback makes it all worthwhile as you know that you have had a great affect on the people who came. But the most important thing was to see our beautiful little boy have a wonderful time with his friends. He was so tuckered out at the end of the day, along with his parents!

Styling, Baking, Decorating and Organising – Daneve Frankish from Ah-Tissue

Printables, Design & Photography – Darren Frankish from Kish Photography & Design

Other Decoratin item like Table & Chair covers – Carol Balfour from Creatively Bespoke Weddings & Events

Hired Giant Lego Blocks – Yard Party

Construction Hats & Vest, Cone drink Bottle, Bubbles and Construction Signs – Birthday Express

About Ah-Tissue

Ah-Tissue is all about decorating and celebrating with unique & fun items that have the WOW factor.

Daneve, a mum of one who has been born into a very creative family, established Ah-Tissue in 2010.

She believes there is a reason for everything and all her experiences has led her to Ah-Tissue. She decided to start her venture due to being a “stay at home” mum, needing to bring in a second income for her family. She realised there was a market here in Australia for this old tissue paper craft technique to make fun tissue paper pom pom decorations. Her creative mind has enabled her to come up with so many different ideas for new products using additional techniques.

Ah-Tissue has expanded their range, which consists of one off artwork pieces and custom backdrops. Along with gift items for young and old.

Ah-Tissue is a small family run business (Mum, Dad and one little boy). They hope to continue to expand their range of beautiful products for every age to enjoy.

Being a small business, Ah-Tissue pride themselves on attention to detail. Every care will be taken in preparing and delivering your beautiful package straight to your door.

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