Organising and Decluttering the Wardrobe

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Ideas on how to organise and declutter your wardrobe. Ideally, you want your wardrobe to be completely functional and only have clothes accessible that you actually wear and like.

Wardrobes can become dumping grounds for items that don’t have other homes. They can be packed full of clothes but hardly any that you actually want to wear. Are you constantly sifting through countless items of clothes that never get worn, and more often than not have a group of items that are in high rotation? Imagine how you’d feel if you had a wardrobe that only contained clothes that actually made you feel good. Read on for some ideas on how to declutter your wardrobe, how to organise it and keep it organised!

wardrobe organistion idea


Below is a video I recently shared on social media showing you quickly through my wardrobe. You can see how I organise it, and how I apply the coat hanger method to make sure I only have clothes in my wardrobe that I am actually wearing.


I love using my ‘coathanger method’ to give my wardrobe a clean out .  This method is fabulous if you struggle to part with clothes. As it helps you sort out what clothes to keep and what you no longer wear. In 3 months time you will see what you actually wear and what you don’t, this will then help you to be able to declutter and organise your wardrobe!

Simply turn all your coat hangers and clothing the opposite way you usually hang them, ie, backward on the rail. When you have worn an item, place it back in your closet in the original space with the coat hanger the correct way around.  After 3 months, all of the coat hangers that are still the wrong way around are an indication of items you don’t wear.  Now you need to take the brave step to remove these items from your wardrobe and donate it to a friend or charity.

I like to do this method twice a year. This way I am not sifting through clothes that don’t make me feel fabulous. When the seasons change, is a good time to see what clothes you didn’t wear that season and know they are ready to be purged.


Organise your clothes in your wardrobe according to type and colour to make it easier to find things. I have all my tops and shirts hanging in my wardrobe, and they are arranged by type and colour groups. Pants are organised by different types on the shelves in my wardrobe. You could group your clothing into groups such as, tops and shirts, dresses, skirts and pants by length. Grouping your items by colours makes it easier to find something to match another piece quickly.

wardrobe clothes organisation

I use these Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags in my wardrobe to help absorb moisture and eliminate any odours.


My wardrobe has lots of shelves. I’ve found the easiest method is to group all the like items into tubs. This keeps items neatly together and easy to find. So it’s fast and easy to put things away and I can always quickly find what I am looking for.

use tubs to organise a wardrobe


Ideally you only want the clothes in your wardrobe to be the clothes you actually wear. I pack away all the winter clothes when the seasons change, into large plastic containers. I store these tubs at the top of the wardrobe. Here in sunny Queensland we only need winter clothes for a few short months. So I definitely don’t want to have flick past coat-hangers filled with coats and jumpers to get to items I want to wear.

Then during winter months I pack away items I won’t use like shorts and get out my jumpers and jackets. Adding some extra storage to your wardrobe like some small shelves is great way to have seasonal clothes out and accessible during the months you do want them.

how to organise seasonal clothes in your wardrobeHAVE THE CLOTHES YOU USE ALL THE TIME WHERE YOU CAN SEE THEM

I moved my active wear to the top shelf in my wardrobe this year. This way it is right in front of my eyes every time I go into my wardrobe, and is easily accessible. It’s a good reminder for me to go for a walk each day. Whatever clothing items that are the ones you use the most are the ones you want front and centre in the wardrobe, so you don’t have to hunt for them.

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