Organise your diary, planner or calendar

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Let’s start the new year off organised right from the very start.  The perfect way to do that is to organise your diary, to ensure you are not going to miss upcoming events or important days.


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Organise your diary, planner or calendar

Organised 2014, daily plannerThere are a few options which you can use:

I jump between the Daily Planner and my phone.  I use my phone for all appointments, but use the planner for my to-do lists, meal planning and daily tasks. I get a complete joy out of ticking a box on my to-do list with a pen, a sense of accomplishment!!

{The Organised Housewife} 2014 Calendars + To Do LIst

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  • Birthday’s
  • Birthday parties
  • Anniversary’s
  • Holiday’s
  • Family events
  • Friends/family visiting
  • Public Holidays, here is a printable including a full list of Australian public holiday dates.

{The Organised Housewife} 2014 Public Holiday DatesKids

  • After school activities (sporting, music etc)
  • After school care
  • Immunisation dates


  • Business trips
  • Social engagements


  • School Term Dates, view all school holiday dates here. 
  • Pupil Free Days
  • School Events
  • Dates you are volunteering

Around the Home

  • Annual Pest Control
  • Car servicing
  • Change smoke alarm batteries


  • Dentist Checkups, every six months
  • Hairdresser, schedule regular appointments every 2-3 months
  • Meal Planning
  • Last dates for overseas Christmas post
  • Pet Immunisations

Or if you don’t like using a diary, but love having a little calendar on the fridge use one of these great personalised calendars (available in my shop here), a few design options are available.  So much cuter than the ones that come in the junk mail!


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