Ironing Routine

Ok, I realise you may not be as insane as I am and enjoy ironing like I do, as I mentioned in 20 things about me.  However if we want to look the part it has to be done.  I have not always had a passion for ironing, when the twins were babies I remember finding it hard to find the time.  But I soon learnt that I can juggle my love for watching my soapies with the dreaded ironing.  Now, I don’t mind popping out the ironing board once a week to keep up to date on the ironing pile and my favourite TV shows.

My hubby wears business shirts to work each day so I need to have at least 6 shirts ironed for him each week, (1 for each weekday, plus an extra one just in case I don’t get around to ironing when I should).  For the kids I iron their school uniform, dresses and collared shirts.  As for me, I don’t iron anything I wear (I value my time and have plenty of other things to do, so I don’t buy linen type clothing that needs ironing).  If however I do have something that may look like it needs an iron I just pop it onto a hanger, place in the wardrobe and by the time I go to wear it the creases have fallen out.

5 ways to stay in control of your ironing pile

1. Iron as you wear

Place your clean clothes directly onto hangers and iron as you need them.  Personally I find this too stressful, I much prefer to go to a cupboard and dress immediately into ironed clothing.  You may also find that you will never put the ironing board away, making it a permanent decoration within your home.

2. Place clothes on hanger while drying

After washing place clothing that you hang onto a clothes hanger and allow to dry on the line or on a clothes airer.  Then when dry take directly into the wardrobe.  This also eliminates the clean laundry pile building up.

3. Don’t buy clothes that need ironing

This will eliminate all your worries…easy 🙂

4. Hang directly from clothes dryer

If you use a clothes dryer, remove your clothes as soon as it has finished and hang in wardrobe, the heat will remove most creases.

5. Iron once a week

Find an ironing basket/hamper to store your clean clothes that need to be ironed.  This hamper must be able to keep the clothes clean, preferably with a lid so it keeps your pile clutter free and hidden.  You could use something similar to a clothes hamper that you keep your dirty washing in.

This is my preferred method of ironing.  I record my favorite shows and watch when I have time and ironing is a great time to catch up.  I usually iron on a Tuesday or Wednesday night each week.  No reason in particular it’s just a night that I have chosen.

These are my ironing basket, nobody would know it to be as it is disguised really well.  

ironing hamper 4aironing hamper 5aironing hamper 3a

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