Routine – Folding Clean Laundry

Laundry, it is a depressing word isn’t it, ahh.  I have been reading alot through the comments and facebook page that many of you are frustrated with the laundry, especially having to put away the clean clothes.  It is a never ending task that unfortunately needs to be done.  Create a routine and system that suits you and with perseverance soon I’m sure you will be able to keep ontop of it.

Do you have a pile that looks like this? Let’s try and tackle it today! 

This is my pile of washing when returning from holiday’s last year, I think this was easily 3 loads. 

My routine to putting away clean clothes

I do washing 6 day’s of the week, taking Sunday’s off (you can read more about my washing routine).  Most weekday’s I bring the washing in around 1.30-2pm (weekends are whatever time fits in around the family).  I dump it onto the couch, turn on the TV, more than likely I put on a program I taped the night before and then start folding.

I have two lounges together, I use one as the dumping ground, the other to help me sort.  If I have a big load I will also get out the ironing board to hold folded clothes.  I keep the ironing basket close by to throw in items that need ironing.  Each day when folding I create the piles in the same place, it has just become a habit making the process faster.  I have an area of the couch for each child, piling up as per their wardrobe shelving, I throw their items that need hanging over the back of the couch.

I make sure I put it all away when finished (usually I do this in a hurry so I can get back to my program before picking kids up from school).  My pet hate is when I don’t have time to fold and the kids are saying in the mornings “I can’t find my uniform” therefore having to rumage through a pile, so I ‘try’ to do it most days.

Other methods to put away washing:

  • Ensure you can do a load of washing a day, when it comes to putting it away it won’t take you as long as 4 loads will.
  • Put on some music or maybe you prefer silence, do whatever you need to do to make folding enjoyable.
  • Get the kids to help put their clothes away.
  • If kids are away, put piles on their beds for them to put away later.  You may find the pile on the floor but remind, encourage and help them and soon they will have created a new routine.
  • Dump washing on your bed, kitchen counter, or favourite chair and this will make you put it away before you go to sleep, make dinner or relax for the evening.
  • If you have only a very small load, fold it when getting off the clothes line, then put away as soon as you get back inside.
  • As suggested in the comments in last Monday’s post washing clothes, a few readers suggested they had baskets labelled for each child and sort clean laundry into baskets ready to fold and put into each room.
  • Putting laundry away is much more pleasant when you don’t have to tackle crammed drawers or shelves, consider purging some clothes.

Remember a load a day keeps the laundry piles away!

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