How to keep up with the washing when raining

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

South east Queensland has been wet on and off for the past month or more. Listening to the news this morning I hear that most of the eastern coastal suburbs of Australia are also experience rainfall.  I hope we see an end to all the flash floods, water spouts and damaging winds soon.  However, with all this wet weather it’s hard to get the washing dry.

I had a very busy week last week helping my Dad move into his new home so I didn’t keep on top of my washing, today is wet and my dirty washing pile is overflowing.

How to keep up with the washing when raining

The clothes dryer would be the obvious choice if you have one, but it can easily and drastically increase your electricity bill.

I have a little wall mounted clothes line in the laundry, Grundtal from Ikea.  I use this mostly to dry school uniforms and swimmers, usually whatever I put on this is dry within 8-12 hours.  However, during the wet weather it does take longer and this isn’t big enough for a full load.

I keep a clothes airer next to my washing line, I find it easier to peg socks and underwear on here and I always seem to have more than what will fit on the line so having this extra space is great.  When it’s raining I bring it into the garage to dry the clothes, they usually dry the same day.

In our old house we had an old hills hoist, it was at the back of the property also up a few steps from the patio, too far from the house, I couldn’t hear the babies if they were to start crying.  So hubby installed a extendable clothes line under our patio.  This was great, close to the house and also handy when raining as the clothes were protected from the weather.

Hills 4 Line Extendable Clothesline

So when we have continuous rain I will leave the sheets on the bed for an extra few days and only wash what is really necessary and  what will fit on the clothes airer.  When I wake in the morning and see a glimpse of sunshine I head straight to the laundry and start washing so I can get it onto the line.  As my mother in law always says when the sun is shining…. it’s a good drying day!!

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