8 Money-Saving Tips for Your Laundry

Laundry is one of those household chores that can never really be avoided. By making a few changes to your laundry routine, you can save a significant amount of money. These money-saving tips are easy to implement and can help make a big difference in your budget.


Use Cold Water
Washing your clothes in cold water can save you money on your electricity bill. I wash all our clothes on a cold setting following with a scoop of The Pink Stuff Oxi Powder because this helps to keep all colours bright and additionally whites stay white. 


Wash Full Loads
Don’t waste water on partial loads. Washing full loads of laundry instead of small amounts can lead to significant water savings. 


Don’t Overdo It on Detergent
Use only the recommended amount of detergent for your washing machine, although, I tend to use 3/4 the recommended amount. Using too much detergent can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your clothes and could result in a bigger expense down the line by damaging your washing machine. 


Use Vinegar Instead of Fabric Softener
Using vinegar as fabric softener has so many benefits. It’s budget friendly, natural and chemical free. Generally, it will keep your clothes, clean, fresh and soft. And, surprisingly it won’t make your clothes smell like vinegar… trust me. I use the home brand vinegar that you find in the salad dressing aisle. 


Clean Your Machine
Over time, washing machines can build up mould and bacteria, making them smelly and inefficient. You may be able to easily notice when your machine is due for a clean when your clean clothes don’t smell fresh. Regular cleaning will keep your washing machine running efficiently, which will eventually be a saving on your energy bills. 


Dry Clothes in the Sun
Dry clothes or linens on your clothesline. As a bonus of avoiding the expense of using your clothes dryer, additionally, the sun works as a natural bacteria killer, ensuring your clothes and linens are extra clean and fresh.


Don’t Iron
Skip the iron. Instead, opt for line-drying your clothes, and they’ll have fewer wrinkles. Or if you do use the clothes dryer, use wool dryer balls as they help to reduce wrinkles.


Use Wool Dryer Balls
If you prefer to use a dryer instead of air-drying your clothes, try using wool dryer balls. Not only do they reduce static cling, or eliminate the need for fabric softener, but they also reduce drying time, meaning you’ll use less electricy, another money-saving hack for you!
Wool Dryer Balls
Laundry Tonic
Washing Machine Cleaner

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