Ideas for decorating your dining table

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Learn how to transform your dining table from a dumping zone to a space that is tidy and inviting. 

A very long time ago, prior to me being ‘organised’, I used to have a dumping zone.  I would come home from work and dump the mail, my handbag, keys, sunglasses, shopping, and anything that was in my arms onto the dining table.  More than likely, it would just stay there for a few days (out of pure laziness).  This drove me mad, a constant mess on our dining table.  It has always been important for my husband and I to always eat at the dining table, so something had to change.  I created a method that has since worked for me, and hope it does for you too.

At the time, to help me stop my habit of dumping everything onto the table I purchased a really nice table runner and ornament and placed it in the middle of the table – it made it look pretty.  This was my trigger; when I came home I would see a beautifully tidy table (which made me smile) and this stopped me from putting the items onto the table.  I then needed a place for all my ‘stuff’, so I created a home for all my dump zone items. From that day 25+ years ago, I have always put a table runner, ornament, or plant/flower on my table and not had a messy table full of stuff.

Where I relocated my ‘stuff’:

  • Keys – on a hook in the garage (these days they just stay in my handbag)
  • Sunglasses – stay in the car
  • Handbag – in our old house I had a hook on the wall, now I have cupboard I keep it in our laundry as it’s right by the garage.
  • Mail – is opened straight away, junk is thrown in the bin and other items filed
  • Shopping – unpacked and put away immediately

Dining table decor ideas:

  • flowers
  • plants
  • bowl of fruit
  • candles
  • placemats, ready for dinner
  • ornaments

BabyMac has a simple vase with flowers

I’m enjoying the current trend of faux plants in the home and greenery on the dining table.

Love this dining table available online here.

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