How to easily remove the stringy bit from celery

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

I have been pretty crook recently with this bug that is going around, thankfully I feel like I am over it, but I am feeling really flat and lacking energy.  So on my quest to boost my energy I made some mason jar salads on the weekend, to have on hand for some healthy lunches.  I must admit, I’m feeling pretty good today I ate a healthy breakfast, watermelon for morning tea, salad for lunch, nuts while sipping my afternoon coffee and I am making mongolian lamb stirfry for dinner. I’m on a mission!!


A friend was watching me cut up celery recently and loved my technique, she’d never seen it done like that before and didn’t offer it to her kids regularly because they are fussy and don’t like the stringy bit.  My hubby is the same.  So, I was feeling enthusiastic and I got one of the kids to film me to show you all how I easily remove the string bit from celery.  I used to use a potato peeler, but I find this method really quick and easy.


I don’t allow the bottom or top of the celery to go to waste. I usually keep it to put in my thermomix vegetable stock or in a stirfry.  This time I sliced it up to put in my mongolian lamb stirfry.

I don’t do video’s very much, but this wasn’t too daunting, maybe I should do more? Watch the video to see my technique.

I store celery stalks in a container covered with water. This keeps it fresh and crunchy longer.  My kids eat this as a snack for afternoon tea.  Change the water daily to ensure it stays fresh.


What are mason jar salads?

Mason jar salads are just that a salad in a mason jar.  I’m not sure who came up with this concept, but I think it’s genius. Storing the salad in a glass (mason) jar keeps it fresh for 5-7 days. But lately I make enough for 4 days.  Prepping your meal ahead of time can’t be easier than this.  Read more about it here.


Share with me, what is your top energy booster?


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