My kids would have eaten more fruit if I knew about this

My kids have come home from school and raved about their friends eating appleslinkies. I had no idea what they were talking about so I popped my head into the school canteen to see what it was. Ooh I wish I knew about this years ago, my kids would have eaten more fruit if I knew about this.  They have always been good fruit eaters, but it would have made morning tea time a little more fun!!

It’s a machine that peels and slices an apple into a slinky, genius!


TWISTED APPLE – PEELER, CORER, SLICER – a kitchen accessory that makes apples fun and appealing to all by coring them and creating an ongoing coil of tasty apple. You can create your apple spiral with or without peel and if you only want to peel your apple it does that too! AVAILABLE HERE.

twisted-apple-peeler2I highly recommend this machine to you, it will peel, core and slice the apple.  How fun for the fussy eaters!

apple slinky machine 2

Great tip from reader Genevieve:  Fresh, juicy apples work best. If your apples are a bit old or perhaps a kind that are a bit “floury” they will not slinky as well. Once slinkied with the peel on, wrap in gladwrap, should keep the brown away until brain food time. Peeled apples will go brown much faster.

Do you have one of these Twisted Apple Machines?

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