7 Fantastic Storage Solutions for Kitchen Drawers

Recently reader Jillian reached out to our online community to get some advice on the benefits of installing drawers vs cupboards in her kitchen. She received some great ideas and replies so I thought I would share them with you!

Hi Mums, I need your help! I am installing a brand new kitchen and have chosen to put LOTS of drawers rather than cupboards in. Hubby thinks they will all just end up junk piles. Can you please show me how you have organised your kitchen drawers?


Kitchen storage ideas. Solutions for kitchen drawers and cupboards

There were some really helpful tips:

  • Ensure there are drawers to suit your needs, ie deep pot drawers, I have a spice/baking drawer. Drawers do make it easier to get things in and out, if they fit well. – Jody W.
  • Loved my drawers in the house we built. So much easier to get things out as there is no back! None of them turned into piles of junk in a drawer. Never had anything drop behind it. If you do go for lots of drawers, make sure you do different depths to accommodate tall pots etc. I can’t wait to move back to that house or renovate a kitchen in a new home and get rid of the cupboards – Sue T.B
  • Messy drawers have four sides to contain the mess, so when opened, nothing tumbles out, messy cupboards required you to open one side, and yep…all over the floor! – Vicky O
  • Drawers are definitely better! As others have said have some deep and some shallow. Keep in mind you don’t want the shallow to not fit your favourite big mug. I’d do some measuring of things. Place all your plates in a pile and check the height etc My bowls have to go into 2 piles (which is fine) so they fit in the shallow drawers as putting them into the deeper ones was a waste of space. – Mischa W.
  • We have lots of drawers and a few larger cupboards where I keep bigger/heavier items like the toaster, slow cooker, casserole dishes etc. But love the drawers!! – Bernadette O.
  • Keep everyday stuff as close to the dishwasher/sink as you can get it. So happy with my draws, far more practical. – Jackie P.

I have a mixture of drawers and cupboards in my kitchen.  I use small baskets to keep lids tidy. See inside all my drawers here.

Organise kitchen tupperware. Declutter kitchen drawers.

Love this tips for storing lids from Jayne D – Put a divider in your drawer to put the lids in a separate section.

Organise kitchen drawers. Tidy and declutter kitchen. Storage solutions.

I have decluttered but still have plenty. Our kitchen has 16 large drawers, plus the usual set of four for cutlery. We also have a pantry and another pantry unit used for plates, etc. This drawer is spices and coffee/tea mugs. Our coffee machine and supplies are right over it. – Trish W.

Kitchen pantry storage ideas. Tidy pantry. Declutter kitchen.

Monique W has gone for drawers throughout (including the island and other half of the kitchen). She can find everything so easily! Although, she says she still has one draw dedicated to junk.

Kitchen cupboard inspiration. The Organised Housewife.

Love this cupboard and drawer combo from Melissa A – the best of both worlds!

Kitchen pantry storage ideas. Organise and tidy the kitchen.

We have these which are more sliding shelves and they’re wonderful. Perfect pantry storage. – Claire B.

Kitchen drawers tidy and organised. Ideas for storage in kitchen.

Barbara G. shares her very organised bowl drawer. Love the idea of the mat to stop the bowls from sliding around when opening and closing the drawer!

Kitchen drawers tidy up and declutter. Organise wth these storage ideas and solutions.

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Under sink storage ideas for kitchen sink.

What are your best drawer storage tips?

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