Tidying the disorganised mess under the bed

I must admit when I was a child I thought under my bed was the best place for everything, my mum wasn’t so pleased.  I have noticed that my kids are starting to do the same thing, I find clothes, slippers and all different bits and pieces under there.  

Clothes are a no no, they belong in the wash or in the cupboards, but I do understand about other items.  Some are just too big for the cupboard, or in my youngest daughters case there just isn’t enough room for everything she has.  We used to keep all her dolls in a drawer.  She loves playing with her dolls and they are always out and the drawer was just too small for all her little ‘babies”.  So we needed a new storage system.

I found some tubs, which were perfect for under her bed.  Now she can slide out her tub, play and easily pack them away.

Mr 9, is getting a collection of bulky toys, too big for his drawers.  He has been storing some of his more bulky and often played with toys in these tubs.

If you are struggling with keeping the kids room tidy, you may find some ideas  in this post:  5 tips to keep the kids rooms clean and organised.

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