{Reader Question} Do you limit the time kids watch TV?

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Kids and TV

Reader Jen asks:  Hi was just wondering if you have a limit on the amount of tv per day your children watch and do you think it affects their behaviour?

This is such a great question Jen.  Yes I do limit the amount of time the kids watch TV, I believe if I didn’t the twins would happily sit in front of it for hours forgetting about the beautiful day outside.  They are drawn to the TV much like this little boy below, tuning out to the world around them.  Whilst Miss 6 isn’t a TV nut, she prefers to play and colour.

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Our TV Routine


The kids are not allowed to watch TV in the mornings before school, this is to ensure they are not rushing their usual morning routine and that we leave for school on time.

After school

I prefer the kids to enjoy time out in the sunshine, either in the pool, the backyard or find something creative to play with inside.  It’s rare for the TV to be turned on during the week, however if it does, homework must be complete and only after they have had a bath, which is usually when I am cooking dinner so it’s on for a maximum of 30 minutes.   

If we aren’t busy on a Friday afternoon, I am more than happy for the kids to relax a little in front of the TV after a long and tiring week.


The kids watch approx an hour of TV in the mornings, usually something they have recorded through the week.  We like to have a family night on Saturday’s, watching a movie or TV show we all enjoy together (at the moment it is Amazing Race).   

Computer Games

Most of the kids homework is based on the computer with tasks needing to be completed weekly.  They spend 30 minutes each, twice a week completing their tasks.  No computer games are allowed to be played, unless it’s in their homework based program.     

While the kids are at their karate lessons, waiting for each others classes to finish they play their Nintendo DS’s, games of their choosing. 

The Nintendo Wii which I also count as TV time, is not to be played during the week.  The girls really have no interest in playing it, however, Mr 8 enjoys his time on it and usually plays for max of 2 hours over the whole weekend.  Sunday afternoons we all sit down together as a family and play Wii Party, this is a really fun time together with plenty of laughter. 

Do you limit the amount of TV your kids watch? 

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