Easy DIY Jewellery Storage Idea

Make these easy DIY jewellery storage ideas to store and decoratively display your jewellery pieces. This way you can easily see and find your jewellery items and nothing gets tangled.

I use this end section in my wardrobe to store and display my jewellery. It is meant to be another space to hang clothes, however the hanging rod is much taller than I can reach. So I put in a tension rod lower down and use it to hang my necklaces from. I like to have my jewellery in my wardrobe so that I remember to put it on after getting dressed. Being able to see all my pieces on display helps me to decide what to wear and what will go with my outfit.

Necklace Storage Idea

I hang all my necklaces on S hooks on the tension rod. This way none of the necklaces become knotted or tangled in a clump. The necklaces are pretty to look at displayed like this, and I can always quickly find the necklace I’m wanting with this system.

I keep some jewellery items I don’t wear often and my precious rings in my jewellery box. I have all my old colourful bangles on the left side in some old pantry containers. I’m hoping one day my colourful bangles will come back into fashion, so I’m hanging onto them for now. LOL, that makes me sound like my mother! 

DIY Earring Holder

I made this earring holder from a baking cooling rack and some clear command hooks. I love seeing all my different pretty earring pairs on display like this. Plus it’s easy to find the pair I want, and I’m not hunting for a missing one from a set.

I don’t keep a variety of stud earrings (I get asked this question quite a lot). I just have the one main pair that I always keep in my ears and I just change my bottom piercing with hoops or dangly  earrings.

Find the products below to make your own DIY Jewellery Storage area.

Roasting/Cooling Rack
Large Velvet Jewellery Box
Tension Rod

Nail Polish Storage

In this area in my wardrobe, I also keep my nail polishes. I used a 3 tier shelf to display my nail polish. I like having them displayed like this, because I can easily see the colours I have. I now also keep photos of each of them in an album on my phone, so when I am out and about I can easily view the album and not buy another colour I already have. I did this recently and now I have two bottles of the same colour!



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