Organising the kids bathroom

Here are a few of my organising tips for the kids bathroom


I have tried many times putting the kids toothbrushes in a ‘decorative’ toothbrush holder.  I found that inside the holder got very grotty quickly and with little ones splashing water when using the basin I was always wiping up water puddles around it.  Then I found this fantastic plastic suction basket at Woolworth’s and it has been perfect.  The toothbrushes are off the bench making it easier for me to wipe the vanity top.

Face Washers

We use a lot of face washers.  The kids have 1 each when having a bath/shower, then as kids do, they grab another to wash their face after meals.  As we use so many I don’t bother folding them, I also have this ‘thing’ that we only use them once, then I wash them (will explain more in tomorrows post about quick clean of the bathroom).  Instead when folding washing I throw all the washers into one pile then just place them into a drawer in the bathroom for easy access.  They are hidden in a drawer so no need to make a neat pile.

Bathroom Cupboard

I don’t store many things in the kids bathroom cupboard.  However, this is what I keep:

  • Vaporizer for when they have bad coughs and blocked noses to help them sleep better
  • pHisohex, this is from when they had the chicken pox (despite being vaccinated for it 🙁 ), we still have 1 child that hasn’t had it yet
  • Spray bottle for a quick bathroom clean (more details tomorrow)
  • Hair gel for my little man
  • Spare toiletry bag
  • Plug
  • Spare toothbrushes and toothpaste (I purchase spares when on special)
  • Savlon cream to relieve bites
  • Cotton buds (not pictured, must of just run out)
  • I use plastic baskets as they are easy to wipe

Hair Ties

I don’t store the girls hair ties/brushes in the bathroom, one because we don’t have enough room (the vanity and drawers are  very small) and two, because they have so many.  You will find more details about how I organise their hair ties etc in a post I wrote Back to School – Organising Hair Ties.

View HERE for more bathroom cleaning and organising tips

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