Saucepan Cupboard Organisation

Saucepan cupboard organisation and re-organisation ideas. You want to have a system where your pots and pans are accessible and easy to keep tidy. See how I recently re-organised my saucepan cupboard.

I recently had to re-organise my saucepan cupboard so that everything was easier to access. This cupboard used to be organised, but the existing system wasn’t working, and the cupboard needed to be re-organised. Where you store your pots and pans can be a tricky place in the kitchen to keep organised and be easily accessible. My tips is to have clearly defined spaces for items and to make sure that everyone in your household can see or knows where to put away items.

how to organise a saucepan cupboard

This is the before photo of my saucepan cupboard, this cupboard was actually organised originally. However, when the kids help to put away clean dishes away they just tend to chuck things into the cupboard. No matter how many times I ask them not to… you know how it goes with kids.

before photo of saucepan cupboard

Anyways… it was driving me nuts. Every time it came to cooking dinner, I would smash saucepans. The whole neighbourhood probably knew I was looking for a saucepan. So I needed to come up with a simpler system, where I could access everything  easily. As well as a clearer place for everything to go. This way all members of the family could see where to put things.

I use this mesh tier storage shelf in my wardrobe and I was looking at it and thought it could work in my saucepan cupboard. So I trialled it before getting another from Organised HQ. It worked perfectly in the space.

saucepan cupboard organising idea add shelving

This unit has adjustable shelves. So you can place them wherever suits you. But I do like the little bit at the bottom where I can slip in the fry pans and I can easily pull in and out of the cupboard without anything else nesting in it. 

idea on how to organise saucepan cupboard

I have used some clear containers to hold the lids, they are easy to pull in and out off the shelf. The containers are a good height, as being a little taller they keep the lids upright. So I can easily grab out the lid I need.

saucepan cupboard lid organisation

Do you have any problems with saucepan cupboard organisation? Check out these great products.

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saucepan organisation idea


A step by step guide on how to organise your pantry so that you can optimise your space, find items that you need and prevent food wastage. Continue Reading

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pots and pans organisation

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