{The Twins Parties} 2 parties in 1 day – Part 4: The Lego Birthday Party

This is Part 4 of ‘The Twins Parties – 2 Parties in 1 Day’ series, view Part 1,  Part 2 & Part 3.

Lego Party Printables are available in my shop here.

Now that the Rainbow Birthday Party is over its time to swap over a few of the decorations, set the table for the next group of kids to arrive and have a little quiet time.   I made sure that I purchased most of the decoration to suit both parties so it wouldn’t be a big transition.

Again, I would like to give a big thank you to my friend Carissa, for taking the wonderful photo’s below.  She has also created a Lego Party Planner which will help save taking the thinking out of most of the party planning.  The planner will give you all the decorating and food ideas you need.  Including an overview/checklist of tasks that need to be completed, printable invitation, recipes with matching shopping list, project ideas, guest list, along with printables such as thankyou labels, cupcake toppers, cupcake wrappers, birthday bunting, food labels and more.   You can find more details here.

The food table

We had 2 platters of diced fruit (pineapple, watermelon and oranges), jelly cups, choc lego bricks, cake pops, cupcakes, coloured popcorn, chips and cookies (using my fav cookie dough recipe, topped with m&m’s).  The bright coloured platters holding the food were from Crazy Clarks.

Chocolate Lego Bricks:  I covered the tops of mini milkyway bars with icing and topped with 6 m&m’s.  I then melted white chocolate.  At this point of melting the chocolate my microwave stopped working 🙁   I then melted chocolate on the stove top and added some powdered food colouring to make it green.  Then dipped the bricks into the chocolate.

Looking back if I was to do it again I would divide icing (icing sugar +water) into four bowls.  Colour icing in each bowl (eg. yellow, blue, green and red).   Dip (or spread) the milkway  into the icing.  Add 6 m&m’s to the top of the chocolate, preferably same colour as the icing.

Used birthday boys Lego items from his bedroom for decorating the table.

 I borrowed a McDonald’s water carrier (they are free for a day) we filled with cordial and ice, and I had a smaller water carrier filled with iced water 

The Cake

 The Lego Cake.  Mr 9 asked for Lego bricks as his cake, I thought this would be easy enough.  But then I decided that 1 wasn’t enough and made 3.  Now nothing ever goes to plan.  I made 2 square butter cakes thinking it would be plenty.  But the cakes didn’t rise high enough.  So I quickly ducked down to the shop and purchased 2 packets of uniced sponge cake.  I used 2 sponges together for the yellow cake, 1 sponge for the green and another sponge cut to a square for the blue cake.  (Please note here you should cut the top of the cakes to make sure they are completely flat, I didn’t).  I then used a cookie cutter and cut 16 circles from my original cakes.  The first cake I added the cake circles ontop then iced the cake.  It was very hard to get in the middle and make it smooth, eventually I removed the circles ran a knife over the top of the sponge to smooth the brick then added the  iced circles, this was so much easier.  Looked great in the end.  My friend Carissa made the little lego bricks that are decorating around the cake, these are made of icing using a special Lego mould purchased from a cake speciality shop.

The Decorations

I got this printable birthday bunting banner from Putting on a Party (website now closed), perfect for both parties.

 Stringing the balloons the night before was the BEST idea, details on stringing balloons here.  It saved so much time and made the trasition from rainbow to lego theme really easy.  We put some balloons along the pool fence and on the coloured roof.  These balloons are from spotlight and were the perfect colours for our theme.

The Games

 We made  ‘pin the head on the lego man’, purchased some yellow cardboard, then put hubby to work drawing the body.  The cut out some lego heads.  The boys played pass the parcel and lots of musical statues.

Use this image below to help you draw your own lego man.

Lego Man head to use for the game.

After half hour the boys were so eager to get in the pool.  30 minutes before the party was to end we cut the cake and played a few more games.

I purchased a few packs of neon paper bags from eBay and printed the label that came in the Putting on a Party Lego Party pack (website now closed).  See what I put in goodies bags here.  You can purchase some Lego Party Printables frommy shop here.

I hope you enjoy a tour through our Lego Birthday Party!!

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