Jobs I do over the school holidays

Yippee, I am jumping up and down with excitement…..after 12 very long weeks the kids are finally on school holidays. What does this mean for me? Sleep in’s, lazing in PJ’s as long as I desire (my daughters like to make this an all day event when we are home for the day), not having to make school lunches, loads of baking with the kids, extra time to make delicious dinners, Easter crafts, hopefully some scrapbooking and lots of fun in the sunshine!!!

But…during the holiday’s I like to do the following to be prepared for the first day back in Term 2:

  • Vacuum out school bags with the brush attachment
  • Give school bags a wipe down with liquid detergent and warm water, hang on the line to dry
  • Give insulated lunch bags a wipe down, brush through the zipper area to get all the trapped food, allow to dry
  • Give the ice bricks a good wash
  • Wash shoes with a damp cloth, allow to dry, sprinkle with bicarb to remove any smells and polish
  • Soak their school socks (they are white) in nappy san for a day and wash, this will get them back to a crisp white removing alot of dirt that doesn’t come out in the normal wash
  • Mend uniforms.
  • Tidy up their hair tie’s, see organising hairties HERE
  • Tidy up the homework area, see organising school papers HERE
  • Try and use up as much pantry food as I can
  • Get out their winter uniforms and clothes from the top of the wardrobe


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