I LOVE Organising

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

I love to organise, a day doesn’t seem complete unless I have organised something.  Be it the kids closet when I put their clothes away, my inbox on the computer, my photo’s for scrapbooking, the dirty laundry or the linen cupboard.  I have to put something back in order before I end the day.  I even find it disturbingly satisfy doing ironing just to see the bottom of the basket 😕 Yes I know you don’t have to tell me how crazy I am….Our life just runs so much smoother when I know where everything is and when everything is in its place. 

But I am a normal person like you….there are occasions when I have half sorted clean laundry all over the couch, a messy kitchen and unswept floors but by the end of the day it is all sorted. I find comfort in my house being organised.  Yes I’m obsessed, but I like it that way!!

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My mission is to inspire and empower others to achieve a sense of order and balance in their homes, enabling them to easily tackle daily tasks so then the rest of the day is filled with activities that bring them joy.

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As a popular blogger, influencer, and author, I draw from my expertise in home organisation, cleaning, and meal planning to offer practical tips and heartfelt encouragement to my audience.