{How To Video} Ironing a business shirt

This is a little how to video on how to iron a business shirt.  

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Kerrie Lee August 25, 2011 - 1:53 PM

I was taught to iron shirts in this order:
1. collar (iron from middle to outside that way it won’t get stuck on the thicker pointy
ends of collar and possibly mark them),
2. inside of fronts where buttons/holes are, (optional, depends if seams are fully sewn
3. fold back at yoke seam (so collar is on top side and outside of back is facing board)
and iron yoke,
4. then you do sleeves,
5. then do fronts – slip top of front over pointy end of board, then
turn so whole of front is on board, and
6. do back last (otherwise it can crease whilst ironing fronts and you would have to do
it again).
Once mastered it is quick as its less fiddly with less movements involved.


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