How to stay organised when your husband travels away

This is a guest post by Naomi from Seven Cherubs

As a mother I like to be organised and prepared in advance as much as I can be for unexpected and expected events that happen with our family. One expected event that often happens in our home is that my husband travels away for work. When he is gone he is normally away for 5 or more days at a time. This can seem like an eternity for any mother and especially for a mother like myself, of a large family.


How to stay organised when your husband travels away

To help me prepare and survive when my husband travels away, I have a certain steps that I take to ensure that I am able to keep our home running smoothly during this time. Here are some of my tips on staying organised and surviving while your husband is away:

1. Know where your husband is travelling to and how you can contact him

This may sound very basic and common sense but there have been times where I have been so busy organising my home that after my husband has left I have no idea where he has gone or where he is staying! If you are able to, make it the responsibility of your husband to leave contact details for you before he leaves, therefore allowing you to focus more on your family. Being able to contact your husband is wonderful to keep family relationships strong and vital if an emergency occurs.

2. Have spare cash on hand for emergencies and incase you need to buy take out

Many times I have been left stranded with no cash and had to pay for school excursions or emergency trips to the chemist and needed some extra cash. I now make sure I have some spare cash in my home for those unexpected events and it saves me an extra trip out with all of the kids. I also keep some spare cash incase everything falls apart that day and we need a takeaway meal for dinner. This is normally a special treat for us.

3. Plan your meals in advance

I find having my meals planned for the days my husband is away saves me a great deal of time and worry about the crazy dinner hour in our home. I write out a list of what we are going to eat and make sure I have all the supplies needed. You can do this on a serious level and plan out all of your meals and snacks or a more relaxed level with only a basic plan. I find even having a general idea is helpful in advance.

4. Clear your schedule

When I know my husband is going to be away I clear my schedule as much as I can. I let go of any nice to do events and focus on the necessary required events that need to happen in our week. I find it is almost a guarantee that things will not go according to plan and having some extra time available and less stress during my week allows me to deal with our schedule in a calm manner. I also find I am far more tired than usual and need the extra time to rest and restore.

5. Assign children as special helpers

When I am dealing with my children on my own I assign a child to be a special helper for the day. I make a big deal of the assignment and they know that they are to help me out with any tasks that I need assistance with. I give them extra praise and make them feel that I could not get through my day without them. Often this is the real situation – I really could not get through the day without the help of my special helper. It is a great help to know I have a back up even if it is a child.

6. Use technology to connect

If possible use technology to connect with your husband when he is away. Send emails, record videos, use Skype, use Facetime, take pictures and keep your husband updated on what is going on during your week. If your husband is able to ask him to send a postcard or email to your children that is just for them. This will help them feel special and they will know that Dad is thinking about them even though he is not there in person.

7. Treat yourself

When my husband is away the days are often long and exhausting. Having a treat planned just for myself gives me something to look forward to and helps me get through the day. Often the treat I have planned is something easy and inexpensive that I can do at home, such as a bubble bath, a new book to start reading, a movie to watch, a new song to dance to in the kitchen or even an early night with a hot drink.

8. Treat your children

I find I often need an incentive to help my children get through the week without Dad in the home as well. Not only is it difficult for a woman or mother to survive when her husband is away, it is often difficult for children as well. Often they miss the contact and can start to behave differently to when both parents are in the home. I always find one treat to encourage my children to be well behaved and to give them something to look forward to as well. I place conditions on the treat with behaviour and just as with myself, I find treats that are inexpensive and can often be done at home. We might stay up a hour later than usual, we might watch a movie with popcorn, we might go for a drive at night to see the lights or we might all sleep out in the lounge room for fun. These are simple ideas but I have found they work well for me and my children.

Raising children is a challenging and rewarding work. Having a husband who travels for a designated period of time makes the challenge harder but it can be made easier by being prepared for difficulties that may come your way. I hope that you have found my tips helpful and will make those long days seem shorter.

{This blog post is written specifically to women who have children and husbands who travel. I know not everyone has a husband and many women are raising children as single parents. You are women that I admire greatly and I know that you are doing an inspiring and great work. I hope that you have not felt discouraged by any of my words and understand the specific nature of my blog post.}


Naomi is a blogger, writer, chocolate lover, kitchen dancer, jewellery addict, happiness seeker, motherhood advocate and mother to seven cherubs. She blogs at .

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