How to organise drink bottles

It’s easy to accumulate all sorts of water bottles, keep cups, shakers and smoothie sippers. Here’s how to organise drink bottles in your cupboard. 

Do you find it frustrating when you open the cupboard and drink bottles fall everywhere? I have found this annoying in the past and I struggled to find a storage container designed for drink bottles.


So, I thought a bit outside the square and decided to try some file storage organisers …and they worked a treat!

Unfortunatley the file storage boxes I used are no longer available.

What I love about these is that they are clear, so I can easily see what drink bottles we have at a glance, and all the bottles and sip cups stand upright nice and neatly. The other brilliant thing is that they have little wheels at the back, making them super easy to slide out.

What about the lids?

I store lids separately to keep the bottles aired out, but I also want them to be conveniently close to the bottles. I use these storage containers with adjustable dividers which are also stackable, making it super easy to store different types of lids for easy access.

So, now my drink bottles don’t fall everywhere and my drink bottle cupboard looks great and is super functional. Who’d have thought an office storage container would well so well in the kitchen?!

Watch me organise my drink bottles on Instagram.

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