How to organise a homework desk

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Kids and teens need a calm and organised space to study. Here’s how I organised a teenager’s homework desk to help her focus and support learning at home.

Recently, I helped a friend get organised for her kids going back to school. One of the problem areas was her daughter’s homework desk. It had become a a bit of a dumping ground and not very inviting for homework!

This young lady is heading into Year 9 and will need a calm space to focus on her studies this year. So, I got to work. Here’s how it looked when we started.


I started by removing everything from the desk so I could see what space we had to work with. We divided her things into laundry baskets marked ‘Keep’, ‘Relocate’, ‘Donate and ‘Rubbish’.

We decided to find another home for the books, and clear the space, prioritising the practical things she’d need for study.


It doesn’t take long for dust to gather, plus kids tend to get pen and Texta marks on desks, so I gave the desk a really good clean. I used The Pink Stuff Multi-Purpose Cleaner for a general wipe down and The Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste for stubborn marks. The desk came up so white and bright!


The old white file storage boxes needed a refresh, so I replaced with Crystal Nest Container with wheels. Being clear, it’s super easy to see at a glance what’s inside. These storage boxes are all set up for her new files this year.

4. deep turntable

To store her various bottles and bits and pieces, this deep turntable was ideal. It has four compartments, which keeps everything nice and tidy and standing upright.

5. clear storage and phone holder

To keep the space light and airy, I used more clear storage items: a mobile standpen holder and a crystal tray. I also added a desktop calendar so she can keep track of due dates at a glance.

Kat’s tip: Avoid clutter building up on clear surfaces by making sure everything has a place. Clear storage containers are ideal for this.

6. bookends, tissue box holder and diffuser

These clear bookends are not only practical but also match everything else! They are ideal in this space to store a selection of books and can be moved to accommodate more.

This teen suffers from allergies so I added a tissue box holder with drawers – I just love these as you can add anything you like in the drawers. Today I added some sweet treats (which I know she’ll appreciate, given the secret lolly stash I discovered – LOL!) but you can just as easily store post-it notes, paperclips, mini highlighters or any other small items.

I’ve added this contemporary-style diffuser with an essential oil that is brilliant for focus. When my kids were in high school, I always found that a diffuser with a calming essential oil worked really well to help regulate any anxiety over assignments.

If you’ve got a younger child, personalised routine charts are fantastic to add as a visual reminder of their daily routine.

7. drawer

We topped up all the stationery supplies and I stored them in this crystal organiser tray so she’s always got what she needs at her fingertips.

8. decor

A few new decor pieces gave the space a lift and blended well with her own artworks. I added a couple of inspirational quotes to keep her motivated.

Kat’s tip: If your child’s desk doesn’t have shelves, you can still apply the same principles of organisation. When the space is smaller, prioritise the essentials, such as organising the drawers and adding storage containers that work best in the space.

When I finished, we were all pretty happy with the result! It’s a fresh and inviting space, ready for a new year of learning.

Enjoy your back to school organising!

Crystal Organiser Tray
Crystal Nest File Organiser with Wheels
Crystal Stackable Storage Drawers

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