How To Label Pantry Containers

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Have you wondered how to label your pantry containers to make finding things easier? It’s fast and simple, let me show you how! 

Decluttering and organising your pantry can be one of the most satisfying things you can do. Everything has its place and the last thing you want is for the family to come in and make a mess of things! If you want to keep a sense of order and make it easier for yourself and others to find certain ingredients, then labelling all your pantry containers will do the job. How do you get started? Easy!

How to Label pantry containers:

  • You can hand write your labels straight onto the container with a chalk marker. Chalk markers are available at most news agencies and Officeworks.
  • You can use masking tape on a container to write in a straight line, then simply peel it off. 
  • The back of the container is the perfect place to write the recipe or instructions for things like custard powder, pancake mix, etc. so you can recycle the packaging.
  • You can write the expiry date of the ingredients either under the name or at the back of the container so you know when to replenish. 
  • If you want ready-made labels, you can use my customised pantry vinyl labels where you can choose the colour, font and label name (if there is a unique spelling for a certain item).
How to label pantry containers
How to label pantry containers
Pantry labels

Labelling containers is not just for the pantry – you can use my stylish white, black or clear acrylic organisation tags to organise and label items around your home. You and your family will know what is inside your storage containers at a glance. The adhesive backing on the tag means it is simple to attach to a range of storage tubs, storage boxes, bins, and wicker baskets. Write on the tags with chalk markers or apply your vinyl labels to the tags. 

Organisational Tags

What else do you need to keep organised?

Black Acrylic Organisation Tags – Pack of 5
Customised Pantry Vinyl Labels
Plastic Storage Tub with Wooden Handle – Medium


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