How to create a laundry schedule

Unfortunately washing is one of those tedious jobs that is never-ending, you think you have found the bottom of the pile, but the next day it’s back!  You need to create a system that works for you.

I wash certain things on particular days (I have logic to my madness).  Firstly I separate all my washing into 4 piles, come back on Thursday to see how I keep our dirty laundry organised.  I have always had piles, it makes washing so much easier.

Tips for creating a Laundry Schedule

1. Separate washing into piles

Whites – anything white like a tablecloth, school socks, after school sports uniforms and other clothing  (it’s never a huge load) – I always use Napisan Oxyaction when washing whites, clothes always stay a crisp bright white.  I also use Napisan to soak stains out of clothes, works every time!

Darks – school uniforms, work clothes, my son and I tend to wear a lot of dark clothes, so I have to schedule in several dark washes each week.  Each child only has 3 school uniforms, so I ensure I wash darks on a Wednesday so kids have enough uniforms for the rest of the week.

Colours – I wash coloured clothes once a week as the kids stay in their uniforms after school so it’s really the clothes the kids wear on the weekend and hubby and I throughout the week, which altogether is one load.

Other – Tea towels, face washers and tablecloths.  I wash each of these items weekly.

Sheets – I don’t pile these up in the laundry.  I wash all bed sheets on a Friday, strip the beds that day wash sheets, dry them and they go straight back onto the beds.  This is usually 2 loads of washing.

Towels – Again these don’t pile up in the laundry I take them from the rails in the bathroom, place straight into the washer.

2. Create a washing schedule to suit you

This is my washing schedule:

Monday – Colours
Tuesday – tablecloths, tea towels, washers, mop heads
Wednesday– Darks, usually 2 loads
Thursday – Towels
Friday – Sheets
Saturday – Darks and Whites
Sunday – DAY OFF!

Having a laundry schedule may not be for some (a bit regimented), but it suits me to make sure the kids always have clean school uniforms.  Find laundry schedule prints in my shop here, personalised charts are also available here.

Laundry Wall Art & Schedule - Design 1

SHOP: Laundry Schedule Printables

3. Determine a time to start washing

My mornings are usually busy getting the kids ready for school.  If i can I find it easier to put the washing on the line the evening before (except sheets as I like to wash and put straight back on beds).  I usually put the washing on around 4pm and hang out on the line just before dinner.  I find that it is dry by 9am the next day.

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